Jerritt Simmers / Splash News

Rapper Earl Sweatshirt has once again joined forces with Knxwledge as part of Adult Swim’s Singles 2016 series. In order to figure out how to get a hold of the new single, fans all around have been Googling terms like “Balance stream online,” “Balance mp3”. If you were looking for a convenient way to stream online and listen to the new “Balance” lyrics, then you came to the right place.

Earl Sweatshirt’s new song, “Balance” delivers a nice and slow beat, along with some confessional bars from the hit rapper. It’s the kind of song that will put you in the right mood—the kind of mood that calls for wine, or any drink of choice really—and leave your finger on the replay button.

How to Stream Online

Fans of Earl Sweatshirt’s new single can stream online the “Balance” lyrics from the official Genius web site. The song doesn’t only feature Knxwledge but it was produced by him, as well. Below, is a sample of the new single.

“I’ve been tryna tell a different story

Find balance and I’m tippin’ off

And tell grandma I be with her shortly

I won’t panic when they send her for me.”


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