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Sports reporter Bailey Smith has been keeping Tri-State residents up to date on the latest happenings. But now they have to say goodbye to this young anchor. Bailey Smith announced that she is leaving WEHT/WTVW’s Eyewitness News in January 2023. Viewers have mixed feelings about this news, which has spurred many questions. They want to know why Bailey Smith is leaving WEHT and where she is going next. The sports anchor has answered most of their questions. Here’s what Smith had to say about her departure from WEHT/WTVW.

Bailey Smith Leaves WEHT

A native of Bloomington, Bailey Smith graduated with a degree in telecommunications from Indiana University Bloomington in 2012.

She worked for the IU Athletic Department as an emcee for several Hoosier teams during her time there. As a senior at Indiana University, Smith was selected as one of two campus representatives of the Big Ten Network.

From 2014 to 2015, she worked as the IU football team’s staff assistant and campus pulse reporter. Smith assisted the coaches in their day-to-day planning and hosted a weekly football show broadcast to recruits and fans.


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Bailey Smith was also an in-arena reporter for the Indiana Pacers and Chicago White Sox. In 2017, she relocated to Boston and worked for the Boston Celtics as their in-arena reporter for the next four years.

The sports enthusiast joined WEHT/WTVW as a sports anchor and reporter in 2021. She is a weekend sports anchor and reporter for Eyewitness News and co-hosts the weekly football show Home Team Friday.

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Bailey Smith is leaving WEHT/WTVW to become the newest sports reporter and anchor at Waterman Broadcasting in Fort Myers, Florida. The departure announcement came as a surprise to Eyewitness News viewers. Her last day at the station will be January 12, 2023.