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Bachelor in Paradise’s Wells and Danielle shared a special moment on last night’s episode! It’s just the beginning of season four and fans are anticipating Bachelor in Paradise 2017 spoilers to find out if this couple, in particular, ever get a real shot at love. Will Bartender Wells and Danielle be dating in the future? Here’s what you need to know.

If you missed last night’s episode, you might want to turn away, because these juicy spoilers will make you feel the butterflies, too! But it sure is hard to resist a good story, and we’ve got the details on Wells and Danielle’s kiss from last night’s episode! No one really expected these two would have so much chemistry, but after Tuesday’s episode, fans are hoping the love will keep growing! Danielle Maltby and Wells Adams’ romantic smooch made fans swoon! Many even took to Twitter to share expressive memes of their joy, but the sad news is that neonatal nurse Danielle decided to leave Paradise, after getting a chance to work in Kenya! She wasn’t really getting a good romantic vibe from anyone on the show anyway, so it made her decision very easy. But that’s when things took an unexpected turn–while saying her last farewell to Wells at the bar, he expressed his disappointment that she would be leaving, told her if anyone deserved love on the show it would be her, and planted a big wet one on her! She sure seemed into it, and when the producer asked her about the incident after she got into the van, she said, “I’m really glad I ended Paradise with a good kiss,” and “Maybe he’s been under my nose this whole time,” before looking back over her shoulder pensively, as the van continued to take her away. Then there was Wells, staring at the back of the van until it was out of sight. Talk about a heartbreaking moment!

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It seems like fate has been on their sides this whole time! Wells was a fan-favorite contestant from JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette and he also appeared on Paradise last season. He came on this season, not as a contestant, but instead to replace Jorge the Bartender. Most know him for his funny Snapchats that recap Bachelor franchise episodes in time with their air date, but now he’s opened up his heart to the adorable blonde nurse, maybe just a little too late. This is the first real time he’s served some romance since his brief fling with Ashley Iaconetti last summer. But it looks like this season, aside from that tremendous smooch with Danielle, the only thing he’ll be serving is margaritas! Fans are freaking out at the unfairness of it all, that she was leaving, saying that theirs was “the love story we all deserve.”



Some are smirking at the convenient yet suspicious coincidence that Wells is not available for dates the season, especially considering his long-standing friendship with Danielle. Both of them are from Nashville, where they were friends even before joining the Bachelorverse. Reports said they went on a date once, about four years ago, but it never developed into anything serious. Fans could see the sparks between the two of them, but never understood why they didn’t pursue anything. After the steamy kiss scene before Danielle’s voluntary departure, fans who were hoping they would get together to celebrate. By the looks of each of their Instagram posts, it looks like they may have a shot at love in the near future–and maybe this will turn into something really good, like, say, a proposal? There’s no telling what could happen next but be sure to stay tuned for more spoilers and sneak peeks throughout the season!

Just a couple of old friends who got dumped on a 1 on 1. Honestly one of best humans I know. Love you @dmmaltby! #bachelor

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