Street Outlaws follows some of the fastest street racers in the country. The thrill of the race and speed is only part of Azn and Farmtruck’s story. Since they are always seen together, fans are asking if Azn and Farmtruck are gay.

Since the show’s premiere, fans kept watching for the races and the drivers. From watching the racers work on the cars to seeing them hit the streets, it’s hard for fans not to get pumped up about the show and its characters! Azn and Farmtruck always manage to impress, but their closeness has people wondering if they are actually a couple.

Before we get into the rumours, we should get to know the men a bit better.

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The Racer

Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley fell in love with trucks at the age of 12, while he rode around town in his fathers Ford pick-up. His love of racing grew and he would start races with a flashlight above his head while standing between the fastest cars on Route 66.

Until he found an ad in Auto Trader magazine reading, “Very fast truck for sale,” Farmtruck tinkered around various trucks, taking them apart and reassembling them, but was yet to find the perfect one.

The truck was a 1970 Chevy C-10 pickup, that was deceptively fast.

The Talker

While Farmtruck is the man behind the wheel, Azn is the mouth! The two have been best friends for over 11 years, and Azn is known for smack-talking while Farmtruck races. They met while racing on the 405, and became fast friends.

Though he likes his partnership, Azn now wants to get behind the wheel. He rigged out an old VW Beetle, named “Dung Beetle” because of its outer appearance. But under the hood is a 400HP Turbo-charged CB performance engine. Now that’s how you pimp a ride!

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Are Azn and Farmtruck Gay?

Though the two have a great bromance, their closeness has people questioning just how close they really are. The two have seen many cars, engines, races, and events together.

They goof off, having fun along the way and living the street life! But nothing about their friendship seems to be romantic, so for now, any speculation of Azn and Farmtruck being in a relationship is just a rumor.

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