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Azenith Smith, a seasoned journalist based in California, is stepping back from the broadcast business. Azenith Smith announced she is leaving KTVU earlier this month and wrapped up her last day on air this week. Regular viewers of the San Francisco Bay Area Fox affiliate have a lot of questions about the anchor’s departure. They especially want to know where she is going next and why she is leaving. Here’s what Azenith Smith said about leaving KTVU.

Azenith Smith Exits KTVU

Azenith Smith, a native of California’s Milpitas, earned her BS in journalism from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo in 2003. She’s had brief stints in Oregon and Las Vegas, and also worked in a Salinas news station.

Smith joined the KTVU news team in 2014 and soon became a beloved personality within the community. She is especially commended for representing the Filipino community in media.

KTVU viewers were surprised when Smith announced through social media that she is leaving the station and broadcast after 15 years in the business. Her last day on air was Monday, December 13. Her announcement was naturally followed by queries about why she is leaving and where she’s going next.


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Azenith Smith married her husband, Nick James, on March 4, 2017. They welcomed their daughter, Emma Faith James, in December of 2017.

Smith has kept up her reportage with dedication while balancing it with parenthood. However, she is now looking forward to spending more time with her husband and family.

The longtime anchor decided to step back from journalism to spend more time with her daughter. She hasn’t called it a “retirement,” but it’s likely we won’t be seeing Smith back on our screens anytime soon.

She hasn’t revealed where she is going. However, she did hint in her social media statement that she has received an opportunity that will allow her to be closer to her family and have more time for her daughter.

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KTVU viewers are loathe to let this reporter go. However, they are happy that she gets to spend time with her daughter now. Bay Area residents take comfort that she has not revealed any intentions to leave the city and they will probably run into this local celebrity at community events.