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With all the news surrounding Aaron Hernandez’s death, many have been looking into the former Patriots’ professional and personal life. That includes Aaron Hernandez’s daughter, Avielle Janelle Hernandez. There isn’t much information on her, but we can give you details about her parents and family.

Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter’s Age

Avielle Janelle Hernandez was born on November 6, 2012 and is 4-years-old. She and her farther share the same birthday. Her parents met in high school and grew up together in Bristol, Connecticut. They got engaged in 2012 (Aviellle was born a month later), but were unable to get married in time, due to her father’s prison sentence.

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Aaron Hernandez’s Family

Since the news broke, everyone has been searching for information on Aaron Hernandez’s “wife” and “daughter,” but don’t know much about his family. Avielle’s late grandfather, Dennis was a high school custodian. He died in 2006 when Aaron was just 16 years old, due to complications from surgery meant to treat his hernia. Avielle’s grandmother (Aaron’s mother), Terri was a  school secretary. When her husband died, she feared what would happen to Aaron and how he would grow up. The family lived in a rough neighborhood in Bristol, where Aaron was surrounded by negative influences. Avielle’s uncle and Aaron’s brother, D.J. a.k.a. “Jonathan” is now head coach at Ledyard High School in Connecticut.

When asked about his new position by USA Today, D.J. said, “I know (Ledyard) wants stability and someone who can go in and motivate and challenge these students. I’m excited about the challenge. I’m going to make sure the guys understand that they can’t achieve unless they work hard, and smart, throughout the process. I want to be a positive role model and a mentor … that’s what it’s all about.”


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Avielle’s maternal aunt, Shineah was once close with her sister Shayanna, but they have been estranged since the Odin Lloyd case. They all socialized together when they were young, but later stopped communicating after Lloyd was killed, and even sat on different sides of the courtroom during the trial.

Avielle’s Mother was Accused of Perjury

Since the news of Lloyd’s murder, it is well known that Shayanna was accused of perjury and disposing of evidence a day after Lloyd’s death. She claimed that she didn’t ask what was in the box that Aaron asked her to dispose of, and that was the nature of their relationship.

“I played my role,” she added. “Meaning I cleaned and I did everything else. There was no reason for me to ask any questions,” said Shayanna during her testimony.

After the murders of Daniel de Arbeu and Safiro Furtado, Aaron’s former friend Alexander Bradley testified (under a blanket of immunity) that Aaron had committed the murders. The two remained close friends until 2013, when Bradley said that Aaron shot him in the face, causing him to lose his eye. In a testimony, Shayanna said she never asked her fiancé what happened to his friend.

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“He was not my friend. We weren’t sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching movies,” she said of Bradley. “I pick and choose my battles. There are some things that are worth arguing about. There are some things that aren’t. I didn’t see that as being one of them.


“Like I said, he wasn’t my close friend. Yes, it’s a sad situation, but it’s something that — why should I press on something like that? I had other things to worry about.”


Shayanna has been cleared of all charges since, and the last mention of Aaron Hernandez’s daughter was in court, when he blew her a kiss before he was cleared of the double homicide charge. Reportedly, a very emotional and confused Avielle cried to see her daddy, so Shayanna brought her the Suffolk County Courthouse for a brief visit during the proceedings. Little did she know, it would probably be the last time she would see her father alive.

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