Amrutha Srivatsa

Amrutha is educated in fashion design and she’s in a very serious relationship with food. She would love to travel to every corner of the globe and she is inspired by even the smallest of things. Amrutha is crazy about books and loves to curl up with a good cup of coffee to read anything written by Agatha Christie. She says she can whip up a mean cocktail in a jiffy and spends her free time indulging in the beautiful world of fashion. Since she was a little girl, Amrutha liked to write her own versions of stories and would get lost in her books for hours. She looks for the silver lining in even the most serious of situations and tries her best to find beauty in everything. Her love for all things fashion and entertainment related is what propelled her to start blogging, and eventually, she realized writing was her calling. (And when she’s not reading or writing, you’ll definitely catch her polishing off a plate full of fries!)

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