Austyn Tester attends the "Jawline" Premiere during the 2019 Sundance Film Festival at Library Center Theater on January 28, 2019 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images)

About Austyn Tester
Age23 Years
BirthOctober 31, 2000
SiblingsDonovan Tester
ParentsCandy Tester
JobActor, Influencer
HometownKingsport, Tennessee
Shows, MoviesJawline

The Sundance-winning documentary Jawline is set to premiere on Hulu on August 23. Depicting the other side of social media stardom, the focus is on rising influencer Austyn Tester. The TikTok and YouNow star is seen utilizing social media as a stepping stone to fame. But this popularity has its own price. Before you watch this gripping documentary, our Austyn Tester wiki will give you some background on this Internet nano-celebrity.

Austyn Tester Is from Tennessee

Austyn Tester was born on October 31, 2000 and hails from the small town of Kingsport in Tennessee. His mother, Candy Tester, and brother, Donovan Tester, are also seen in Jawline.

In the documentary, Austyn speaks about wanting to escape the humdrum of small-town life and achieve fame. It’s his hope that social media will help him do that.

We also get a glimpse at his home life, which isn’t as glamorous as most influencers would have you believe. It appears that Candy had to work hard to raise her sons. But both Candy and Donovan try to help Austyn run his content creation career.

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Austyn Was Inspired by Viners to Become an Influencer

Austyn’s online popularity took off in 2016. But he originally began posting on the Internet on a whim.

His first taste of the live-streaming culture came a few years ago when he was in his bedroom trying a social media app for the first time.

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“One day, I was like, let me download this live shooting app. I downloaded it, and I remember just sitting in my bed, criss-cross applesauce, just talking to the camera. Then someone popped up, ‘Hey.’ I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ I’m just talking to one person, and then I get at most five people where it was so cool. I was like, ‘Alright guys, I’m gonna be back on tomorrow.’ Then, five people showed up again. It was awesome. I just talked about whatever I wanted to, and I liked it.”

But it was actually when he watched influencers on Vine that he felt like he wanted to do the same. He credits other social media stars doing their thing for getting him into live streaming.

Tester is now active on YouNow and TikTok, where he’s famous for his rap and pop lip sync videos. As of August 2019, he has over 19.4K Instagram followers. But when he was filming the documentary, he had around 23K followers.

He even joined other influencers on the POMSCON (A Part of My Story Convention) Tour. Being able to meet his fans and celebrate social media culture changed Austyn’s life in a way he never expected.

He stands out for exuding positive vibes and encouraging his fans to follow their dreams. One might argue that he is your run-of-the-mill good-looking influencer with no traditional showbiz talent.

However, Tester has an engaging persona that exceeds his perfect smile. His fans are desperate for the tiniest little interaction with him. A quick look at posts tagging him on Instagram show more than one fan over the moon over that little greeting or response from Austyn.

Unlike influencers with bigger followings, Austyn hasn’t reached the status of successfully monetizing his fame yet. In Jawline, it’s shown that some of his influencer income is under $10.00. But he’s determined to change that.

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Austyn Is the Subject of Hulu’s Jawline

Liza Mandelup makes her directorial debut with the documentary film Jawline. With Austyn at the focus, the film is an eye-opening glimpse into the reality of online fame. Jawline featured at Sundance in 2018, where it won the Special Jury Prize for Emerging Filmmaker.

It’s theorized that the title of the documentary has to do with the importance of the angles of your face and jawline when posting a video or picture online. The premise of the film, which Austyn discusses poignantly, is the shelf-life of an influencer. Once your boy band looks and youthful aura is gone, you stop attracting followers.

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Mandelup was awestruck by the fan culture surrounding social media stars. While attending meet-and-greets for her documentary, she met Tester and fixated on him as the star of her film. She also followed him from the start of his career.

“He was discovered out of obscurity by someone who had randomly seen him on the app, and it was kind of his very first time broadcasting. We started with him at the very beginning,” said Mandelup.

Back when it was filmed, Austyn was 16 and determined to ditch the restricted life of rural Tennessee for the glamorous world of entertainment. Except he doesn’t have the acting, singing, or athletic talent to get out of his small town.

But he hopes his social media status will be the ticket out of there. Through live-streaming platforms, he gives his thousands of fans the boyfriend experience with his charming looks, affable personality, and encouraging words.

The documentary also followed him on the POMSCON Tour, which was his first experience outside of Kingsport. After wrapping the tour, he returned to his hometown. But adjusting to the quiet life hasn’t been easy. He has since focused on catching up with school, working as a barista at a local Starbucks, and continuing towards his social media goals.

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