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After only a year with NEWSnet, Americans look forward to Austin Lowe’s clear and concise weather forecasts and consider him a reliable meteorologist. However, he has recently announced his exit from the American news-oriented free-to-air television network. Austin Lowe is leaving NEWSnet for an exciting opportunity. Since the announcement, people have been curious about where Austin Lowe is heading next. So, read on to find out what the young weather anchor has to say about his exit from NEWSnet.

Austin Lowe Signs Off from Final Weathercast

Austin Lowe earned a degree in meteorology from Central Michigan University in 2020. But before that, he worked part-time as a weather forecaster with 25 News Now at WEEK-TV in Peoria, Illinois. In addition, he spent over two years honing his abilities in the industry as a meteorologist and weather associate producer for WDIV Local 4 News in Detroit, Michigan.

Lowe started his professional career in July 2020 with WWTV/WWUP-TV 9&10 News in Cadillac, Michigan. During his two years there, he was a part of the crew that covered the August 6th hurricane, for which the station was awarded Best Continuing Coverage by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB).

In May 2022, Lowe relocated to Farmington Hills, Michigan, and became a meteorologist at NEWSnet. And since then, many have relied on him for all the latest weather information.

However, he has recently announced his departure from the network. Austin Lowe is leaving NEWSnet and has already wrapped up his last day at the station on April 19, 2023.

The meteorologist spoke about his time at NEWSnet and said, “I want to give a big thanks to my managers and co-workers for taking a chance on me one year ago. This was a place I saw myself staying for a long time, but life happens.”

However, Lowe has yet to reveal what’s next and where he is going. But he has promised to give an update later this month. So, keep your eyes peeled on his social media accounts.

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Meanwhile, the NEWSnet weather team recently welcomed its newest member, meteorologist Colleen Mehlberg.