Austin Hinnant is the grieving father of Cannon Hinnant, the five-year-old boy from Wilson, North Carolina who was fatally shot on August 9. Austin’s neighbor, Darrius Sessoms, was arrested for allegedly killing little Cannon. The child’s tragic death is now part of the raging debate on racial relations in the country. As it often happens on social media, certain claims are floating around. Some social media users claim that Austin Hinnant has a criminal history allegedly with drug-related charges just as Sessoms has a past arrest record for drug possession. These Internet users further claim that the two adults’ drug-related pasts led to Cannon being killed. Does Austin Hinnant have an arrest record? While it’s true that Cannon’s father has had past run-ins with the law, Sessoms’ motives haven’t been revealed yet.

Please note, it is an ongoing investigation and official sources haven’t stated any connection between Austin Hinnant’s criminal history and the current case.

Austin Hinnant’s Arrest Records

Austin Nicholas Hinnant, born on October 21, 1993, is a resident of Wilson, North Carolina. He and his ex-wife, Bonny Hinnant, had three children including Cannon before divorcing last year.

The children were at Austin’s Archers Road home when police say Darius Sessoms shot and killed Cannon Hinnant while he was playing outside. The incident was shocking to nearby residents because most believed that Austin and Sessoms had a cordial relationship.

Now some social media users allege that the killing was the result of a drug deal gone wrong.

Sessoms served two short prison terms in 2017, one for felony drug possession and another for felony firearms and drug charges. According to some Internet users, Austin Hinnant was allegedly Sessoms’ dealer and when their relationship went south, Sessoms killed Cannon.

Several posts claim that Austin Hinnant has a long criminal history. His list of charges allegedly include assault on a woman, weapons possession, drug-related charges, and others.

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A search of North Carolina’s arrest records reveals that at least some of these charges are true. While Hinnant’s drug-related arrests and rehab records are still elusive, he has been arrested several times, including for traffic violations and felony charges.

In May 2015, he was arrested for carrying a concealed gun.

austin hinnant arrest record 2015

Wilson Police Department and Office of the Sheriff’ P2C

The following year, he was arrested thrice.

austin hinnant arrest record 2016

Wilson Police Department and Office of the Sheriff’ P2C

His first 2016 arrest was in May, at his home for assault and inflicting serious injury on a victim. He would be arrested again four months later for traffic violations. He was again arrested at his home on October 22 for assault on a woman.

austin hinnant arrest record 2016

Wilson Police Department and Office of the Sheriff’ P2C

Hinnant had another arrest in 2017 for an accident.

austin hinnant arrest record 2017

Wilson Police Department and Office of the Sheriff’ P2C

He was arrested twice in 2019, for an unspecified misdemeanor the first time and for violation of court orders a second time.

austin hinnant arrest record 2019

Wilson Police Department and Office of the Sheriff’ P2C

Austin Hinnant was convicted in July 2019 for assault on a female. Details of this case are obscure at the moment.

Hinnant was sentenced to community service for the misdemeanor. He didn’t serve prison time, but is out on probation/parole.

Although Austin Hinnant has a history of multiple arrests, there are no reports of his alleged past connection to Sessoms’ crime. Until official sources, that is the investigating authorities, confirm the evidence, such social media posts should be taken with a grain of salt.

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