Austin Hatch’s story truly inspires people to not give up on life, even if the battles were facing seem neverending at times. Unfortunately, 23-year-old Austin Hatch was involved in not one, but two different plane crashes, where he lost all of his family members. It was not an easy journey and recovery for Hatch, but he managed to beat the odds and is now a success story. Currently, he is waiting to finish his studies and marry the love of his life! If you want to know more about this inspirational guy, then take a look at our Austin Hatch’s wiki. Make sure you have a box of tissues around because this is one heart-wrenching story!

It has been rightly said that we cannot control everything that happens in our lives, specifically our death. And according to Austin Hatch, “It has been said that it is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to what happens to us. Might be true, but I think a closer estimate is that it is 1% what happens to us and 99% how we respond to what happens to us.” Everybody has to go through tough situations in their lives, but it is how we handle and react to those situations that is important. Austin Hatch’s plane crash story is an excellent example of how this guy literally lost everything but decided not to give up, and overcome his adversity.

Austin Hatch’s story has tugged at the hearts of millions and this is the reason why he continues to inspire people with his heart-wrenching story. After listening to his story or reading about it, people are curious to learn more about Austin Hatch. So, without any further ado, let us find out more about the two-time plane crash survivor.

Austin Hatch’s Wiki

Hatch was born on October 18, 1994, which makes his age 23. He was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Julie Lynne Siwik Hatch and Stephen James Hatch, who was an anesthesiologist and a partner at Pain Management Associates. Hatch had two siblings, Ian Michael and Lindsay Katherine. Hatch studied at Canterbury High School and was an excellent student, who’d get straight A’s. Hatch dreamed of becoming a doctor like his father.

The Demise of Austin Hatch’s Family

Little did Hatch know that boarding that plane all those years ago would completely change his life forever. It was in 2003 that Austin, along with his mother, father, 5-year-old brother, and 11-year-old sister, boarded the flight. Unfortunately, their plane crashed and Hatch lost his mother and siblings. Although both he and his father survived the crash, his father suffered severe burns and had to undergo plastic surgery and skin grafts.

The Second Plane Crash

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After the death of his mother and siblings, his father found happiness again and remarried to a woman named Kimberly. Kimberly had three kids of her own from a previous marriage and Stephen adopted her kids, while Kim adopted Hatch. Reportedly, Kim would often go to Julie Hatch’s grave and leave flowers. She always wanted to ensure that the grave was tended to before Hatch and Stephen would visit the grave.

Kim was really fond of Austin and became a loving step-mother to him. Kim was described as “a devout woman who got down on her knees and prayed for complete strangers, for anyone who needed it.” However, eight years after the first plane crash, in 2011, Austin Hatch, along with his father and stepmother, were flying to the family’s Michigan summer home. Unfortunately, that plane also crashed and his father and stepmother died in the crash! Austin was severely injured and was in a medically-induced coma for two months. He suffered brain trauma, a punctured leg, a broken collarbone, and also fractured ribs.

Hatch’s recovery was quite painful and long, as he had to undergo physical therapy and had to learn to walk again.

He Bagged a Scholarship Nine Days Before the Second Plane Crash

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Nine days before he ventured out with his father and stepmother in that fatal plane crash, Austin Hatch was offered full basketball scholarship at the University of Michigan. His family was extremely happy and proud of him. Hatch played for the Wolverines in the 2014-2015 season, but in April 2015, he decided to end his playing career, concentrate more on his studies, and become a student assistant.

For his strong-will and determination, Hatch was given the 2015 US Basketball Writers Association Courage Award. In fact, after he announced the decision to focus on his studies, the school decided to pay for his education without him having to continue his basketball scholarship! Michigan coach, John Beilein said, “This is, and has been, a very difficult decision; one that we have been discussing with Austin over the last few months. Over the past year, we closely observed Austin’s academic and athletic progress. In the end, Austin and our staff agree that the waiver is the proper next step. This change allows Austin to devote the necessary time he needs to be successful in his studies and obtain a Michigan degree. We also wanted to be sure we continued our commitment to Austin keeping his full scholarship in place for the next three years. This waiver allows for both.”

Hatch is Happily in Love with Abby Cole

Even though Hatch lost his family members, he didn’t lose hope. Hatch started dating Abby Cole almost three years back and has indeed found the love of his life. In an interview, Hatch revealed, “She’s made me grow in my faith and made me a better man. My faith has been tested a little bit…I don’t think God made it happen but he let it happen..But it’s like, if he stopped every bad thing from happening, what would the world be like?” Hatch also revealed that his ultimate goal in life is to become a great husband and also a great father. A few months back, Hatch got down on his knee and proposed his girlfriend. Of course, Cole was over the moon and instantly said “yes!” It seems she was certainly the light at the end of his dark tunnel, and with all the loss and heartache Hatch has endured, we can only hope for happy and loving times for him ahead.