Ashley Yule, Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend in 2017: Facts to Know

Ashley Yule

Who is Parker Schnabel dating? In case you forgot or have been wondering, Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend in 2017 is Ashley Yule. If you’re a fan of Gold Rush and have been curious about Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend, then look no further than our Ashley Yule wiki, right here.

She’s Very Private

If you’ve spent more than enough time looking for Ashley Yule’s job or Ashley Yule’s age, then chances are you came up empty in your search. Schnabel has done a good job of keeping his girlfriend’s privacy, to the point where people wonder if they’re even still dating! There also isn’t any trace of Ashley Yule’s Instagram account, which means no hot pics for those who have been looking!

She’s from Australia

Schnabel and Yule met while he was on vacation in Australia and the two hit it off instantly. So much in fact, that Yule traveled to the United States to spend time with the Gold Rush star.


“Ashley and I met in Australia. We hit it off pretty well so I invited her over to spend some time in North America,” said Schnabel in an interview with Channel Guide. “Neither one of us knew what to expect but we had a lot of fun — she’s super easygoing, which is what you need out at a place like that. Ashley just rolls with the punches and helps out where she’s needed. If we need her to drive trucks she’ll drive trucks. She ended up cleaning gold a lot of the summer or helping do fuel things or whatever we needed her around the place. She stayed busy and tried to stay out of my way when I’m in rage mode. Yeah, it was fun. It was a good summer. I’m really glad Ashley was there for it.”

Ashley Yule & Parker Schnabel

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Is She Taking Her Boyfriend Home?

Some fans believe Yule has influenced Schnabel into pursuing Gold Rush: Australia, at least temporarily. Allegedly, people believed that Schnabel may leave his Alaskan trip behind and try to settle down in Australia for a while, according to Starcasm.


“You know, I wanted to get out to the gold fields in Australia. I didn’t know anybody over there, so I didn’t end up going out and looking at any ground. But, I definitely would have liked to have gone to look at some operations and stuff. I’m always interested to see what people do in other countries. Last winter I spent in New Zealand and went to a bunch of gold mines there, and that was a ton of fun — a really good experience.”

Ashley Yule

She Spent Christmas with the Schnabels

In a Facebook Live Q&A, Schnabel revealed that he spent the holidays with his girlfriend, but when the questions turned to inquiries about the possibility of marriage, Schnabel laughed.


“I’m not getting married anytime soon. I did just spend Christmas and New Year’s with Ashley over in Australia though. So that was a lot of fun.”  He did, however, mention that he might be a grandfather… to puppies! “I’m not sure, but Dozer’s been running the streets of Haines, and it looks like we’re going to have some new Schnabel babies coming up. So I think I’m going to be a grandfather, which I’m stoked about,” quipped Schnabel. It doesn’t look like the pupsters will go up for sale, though. Schnabel is keeping one, his mom is keeping one, and people from his dad’s office all have dibs on taking one home! We wonder how Yule feels about the new little addition?

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, premiers Friday, March 31 at 9:00 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

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