Ashley Youle's Look of the Day. Credit: Instagram/ashleyyoule

About Ashley Youle
Age30 Years
BirthMarch 6, 1994 Australia
SiblingsJaymie Youle
ParentsStephen Youle, Deb Youle
JobVeterinary Nurse

After Gold Rush became a literal gold mine for the Discovery Channel, one of the show’s stars, Parker Schnabel, is mining solo. Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail season 2 is currently airing, but one person is missing. Where is Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend, Ashley Youle?

It’s nothing new to see changes in Parker Schnabel’s crew every time a new season of Gold Rush begins. But fans are missing one important face. Remember Ashley Youle?

Youle was Parker’s girlfriend and was quite the gold-digger (pun unintended). But since their breakup, Youle is no longer a part of the show. But why did this golden couple break up?

Find out with details from our Ashley Youle wiki!

Who Is Ashley Youle?

Fans were first introduced to Ashley Youle in season 6 of Gold RushParker Schnabel met Youle after a trip to Australia, as he travels there often.

Ashley and Parker Schnabel met in Autralia

Ashley and Parker Schnabel met in Australia. Credit: Instagram/ashleyyoule

Ashley Youle hails from Australia, where her family resides. Ashley was born on March 6th 1994. Her parents, Deb and Stephen Youle, live in Cowes, Victoria. She also has a brother, Jaymie Youle, who appears to be an Australian rules football player from the looks of his Instagram.

Youle’s mother owned a computer repair store called Waterfront Computers in their city.

Youle is currently 24 years old. She celebrated her birthday by going hiking with her mom.

Ashley Youle with her parents

Ashley Youle with her brother, Jaymie Youle, and their parents. Credit: Instagram/ashleyyoule

She Helps Animals

Ashley Youle was introduced on Gold Rush as a veterinary nurse employed with Worldwide Veterinary Service in Australia. She has shared pictures of her furry patients on Instagram.

Ashley Youle was Introduced on Gold Rush as a Veterinary Nurse

Ashley Youle was Introduced on Gold Rush as a Veterinary Nurse. Credit: Instagram/ashleyyoule

Youle helps rescue possums, kangaroos, kittens, koalas, wallabies, penguins, and even a tiny sugar glider. Her work also took her to Africa, where she was once bitten by a dog and had to get anti-rabies injections. (Ouch!) She even traveled to Cambodia as a volunteer with the Asiatic Bear Rehabilitation Program.

Ashley Youle on the way to Cambodia

Ashley Youle on the way to Cambodia for an asiatic bear rehabilitation program. Credit: Instagram/ashleyyoule

When she’s not helping animals, Youle enjoys some downtime dancing. Her Instagram shows she loves dancing and joined Street Dance Studios in Melbourne. The studio is affiliated to Superhoodz Crew, a hip-hop troupe from Australia.

She Possibly Broke the Law

Schnabel was the one who brought Youle to the Yukon and said, “Ashley and I met in Australia. We hit it off pretty well so I invited her over to spend some time in North America.”

The young miner was quick to put his girlfriend to work by driving a truck and cleaning the gold. And Youle had no complaints about getting dirty either.

In fact, Youle was glad to spend more time with her man. However, Schnabel preferred to keep their private moments off the air. For that reason, he refused to kiss his girlfriend during filming.

But Youle ran into trouble while mining. People in the Yukon were reportedly not happy she was working there. She was not allowed to legally work in the country as she only had a tourist visa.

Nevertheless, Youle took to mining like a pro.

“Ashley just rolls with the punches and helps out where she’s needed,” said Schnabel. “If we need her to drive trucks she’ll drive trucks. She ended up cleaning gold a lot of the summer or helping do fuel things or whatever we needed her around the place.”

Why Did They Break Up?

Things appeared to be great with Ashley Youle and Parker Schnabel’s relationship. In a Facebook Live Q&A, Schnabel revealed that he spent the holidays with his girlfriend. However, when the questions turned to inquiries about the possibility of marriage, Schnabel laughed it off.

But in March 2018, Schnabel spoke about his relationship status on Gold Rush. Fans were shocked to learn that the couple had split.

According to Schnabel, their relationship ended because he couldn’t make Youle and their relationship a priority. He called their breakup a “personal failure” and said that Youle could do better than him.

Since the breakup, Ashley Youle appears to be doing great in Australia. She recently attended an Australian league basketball game where she gushed about a performance from Superhoodz.