The CEO and founder of the controversial online dating web site Ashley Madison has officially stepped down. Noel Biderman said that his exit, following the highly-publicized hack of their database, is in “the best interest of the company.”

The news was released earlier this week in a statement by Avid Life Media (ALM), the web site’s parent company. Now the firm will be handled by “existing senior executives,” while it hunts for a new permanent head.

Although the company did not give a specific reason for Biderman’s resignation, they did claim that it really was done in order to provide support to the current employees and patrons. “We are steadfast in our commitment to our customer base,” they added. Along with that, the company also announced their cooperation with “international law enforcement” in an effort to catch the hackers, and a reward of $500,000 CDN is being offered for any knowledge on the violators who claim to go by the name, “The Impact Team.”


The web site, which makes money off of people who want to discreetly have an affair, was broken into over a month ago (on July 15) and a month later (on August 18), data started getting released to the public. The first round of leaks was of approximately 10 GB and included user e-mails, profiles, and even credit card data. What followed were personal e-mails of company executives and plans of creating a new application titled “What’s Your Wife Worth.” Obviously, this would allow users to place a money value on one another’s spouses.

Since the hack, Ashley Madison claims to be doing just fine, good even. In response to reports and rumors that the company was tanking, they released a statement via their web site saying, “The company continues its day-to-day operations even as it deals with the theft of its private data by criminal hackers.” They also claim that there continues to be “hundreds of thousands of new users” signing up.

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