Ashley Benson Trades In Acting Gig for a Job at the Airport

Ashley Benson

Don’t tell the pilots, but there may be someone unexpected up in air traffic control! Or at least that may be Ashley Benson’s next step after she was given a unique opportunity to work “part-time” at the airport.

The Pretty Little Liars star posted two videos to Instagram showing her using her fame to land a pretty sweet temporary gig providing her voice for the airport intercom system. The first video, in which Benson simply writes, “I now work at the Airport,” shows her holding the intercom mic along with what looks like an employee, who likely gave her the chance after recognizing her! After testing that the mic works, Benson announced a boarding call for a flight that’s soon leaving for Los Angeles. She trips up a bit and is clearly reading the info off something off-screen, but she does an amazing job for a first-timer nonetheless!

I now work at the Airport

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The second video shows a look at the airport’s waiting area as Benson’s boarding call plays, exactly as it was recorded in the first video. A giggle is heard when she stutters and smiles are seen, but unfortunately, most of the people are far in the background so we don’t get to see more reactions to a celebrity making this announcement. For this video, she wrote, “That’s me baby. All throughout the airport,” which must’ve been quite a thrill, even for her!

That’s me baby. All throughout the airport

A video posted by Ashley Benson (@itsashbenzo) on

Ashley Benson’s fans may hate airports, but they loved her working at one. “I swear to god the guys working there are only letting her play around bcs she’s stunningly beautiful and cute,” one fan wrote, which is one very likely possibility. One fan even saw a Pretty Little Liars connection, writing, “This is even a Hannah/Jordan moment in real life that makes me happy [sic].” Given that Pretty Little Liars season 6 just returned from its mid-season break this week, this is likely the first of many connections fans make between Ashley Benson and her character, Hanna Marin!

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