Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris leave the Spotted Pig restaurant on May 28, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Who’d have thought that they would break up! It’s just sad to know that one of the most popular celebrity couple in the world, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, have split. Finding out about the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris split must be heartbreaking for millions of their fans as well as their well-wishers and friends from the music industry. Being a successful celebrity couple in Hollywood is one major coup they both had claimed in their relationship. So, let us take a look at pop star Taylor Swift’s net worth and see how it matches up with superstar DJ Calvin Harris’ net worth!

For those who don’t know, Taylor Swift’s net worth is well over $300.0 million while Calvin Harris’ net worth has recently surpassed the $100.0 million mark!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are undoubtedly big earners in music, with a fan base that spans all over the world. In terms of earnings and fandom, Taylor and Calvin were Hollywood’s ultimate music couple. Hearing about the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris split must have taken a toll on millions of their fans, who always made sure that their albums and concerts were a hit. Thanks to these die-hard fans, the figures from Taylor Swift’s net worth and Calvin Harris’ net worth kept towering no matter what. Now that the couple has parted ways, many of us wonder how this will affect their earnings and popularity.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Split!

For now, we do know that Taylor Swift’s fans must be as sad as the pop singer herself. Sadly, we are all familiar with the woes in Taylor Swift’s dating life. Looking at all the relationships she’s had in the past, the media has, at times, touted the 26-year-old as a heart breaker. Most of us kept disagreeing and were really glad to see her in a serious relationship with Calvin Harris. Taylor began dating the Scottish DJ just about a year ago, and everything was going really great until today. Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift splitting up is still a shocker to almost everyone as the couple was always so into each other.

Checking out Taylor Swift’s Instagram in last few months was so exciting as the gorgeous singer kept posting adorable photos of her and Harris. Even photos from Calvin Harris’s Instagram showed how the 32-year-old DJ looked happy with her. As Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, her fans loved how Harris was really cool at everything, including his chart-topping music. Unfortunately, the end of May turned out a bummer for all of us as we found out that the couple had called it quits!

Net Worth: Taylor Swift vs. Calvin Harris

 EarningsTaylor SwiftCalvin Harris
From record album sales$46.5 million$30.0 million
From tours and concerts$417.3 million$120.0 million
Average annual salary$71.0 million$13.7 million
Endorsement payout$100.0 million$1.2 million
Estimated net worth (2016)$308.0 million$110.0 million

Now that they have broken up, it will be interesting to know more about their wealth; as a couple and as individuals. Never mind the comparison that we’re putting together as it’s just a way to see what their net worth may look like when correlated. You’ll be amazed to see how these figures add up and make Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris worth over half a billion dollars as a couple. And, Forbes credited this hit music duo’s wealth by naming them the highest-paid celebrity couple of 2015, with over $146.0 million in combined earnings!

Looking up for how much Taylor Swift is worth today is something that almost everyone does while checking out her songs. Whenever the singer drops a new album or even a single, music lovers from all corners rush to listen to it first. This amazing following is what makes Taylor Swift the star she is today. In fact, it’s her fans that can really tell you how much Taylor Swift is worth today! Their dedication towards every song released by the pop singer will really let you know how Taylor Swift’s net worth is estimated over $300.0 million!

On the other hand, Calvin Harris is quite a multimillionaire himself. Everybody has danced their concerns away to a Calvin Harris song, and we still have dozens of them on our playlist. Calvin Harris’ journey defines the best success story in EDM to date. Harris is currently ruling the dance music charts with his “This is What You Came For” hit, which features R&B queen Rihanna. There hasn’t been an EDM chart in the world that a Calvin Harris track hasn’t topped. Before you guys know how much is Calvin Harris’ worth, you must know that he is one of the highest-paid DJ in the world. And, that’s why, Calvin Harris’ net worth of $110.0 million hovers above the rest.

How Rich Is Taylor Swift?

As of 2016, Taylor Swift’s net worth is estimated over $300.0 million, making her annual salary just above $70.0 million. The figure from Taylor’s earnings in 2014 suggest that she earned $81.0 million from concerts and record albums. You’ll be blown away to know how much Taylor Swift has earned since the very beginning of her music career. From 2009 onwards, Taylor has made almost half a billion dollars just from her concerts. The sold-out Taylor Swift tours and concerts have made $417.0 million!

That’s really something for a singer as young as Taylor Swift. And, Taylor’s transformation from a country singer to a pop music sensation has encompassed fans from the entire industry. The whole world knows who Taylor Swift is and if you don’t know it yet, these “success” figures will help you out.

Earnings from Acting$8.5 million
Endorsement deals with Diet Coke, Cover Girl, and more$117.0 million
Revenue from YouTube$58.4 million
Revenue from Tours$491.0 million
Taylor Swift’s Merchandise$62.6 million

How Rich Is Calvin Harris?

Looking at Calvin Harris’s net worth of $110.0 million reminds us of those amazing U.K. musicians who made it big in Hollywood. Being the first of anything always gets the attention, and so does Calvin Harris. The DJ from Scotland is currently known as the wealthiest DJ in the world. If you are trying to find out how much is Calvin Harris’s worth, all you need to do is check out your friend’s EDM playlist. There’s no soul in the world who hasn’t danced to a Calvin Harris song. The “Summer” hit maker has given dozens of number one hits, and clubs around the world keep on playing his music.

Earnings from Groove Armada: Soundboy Rock Tour (2007)$27.5 million
Earnings from Rihanna’s Last Girl on Earth Tour (2011)$15.7 million
From the sales of I Created Disco Album (2007)$7.8 million
From the sales of Ready for the Weekend Album (2009)$6.1 million

According to Forbes, Calvin Harris earned over $66.0 million in 2015. Thanks to his jam-packed tours and concerts, it’s safe to call Calvin Harris the king of EDM. With a minimum yearly income of over $10.0 million, Calvin Harris’ net worth of $110.0 million makes him the first DJ in the world to cross over the hundred million dollars mark. Plus, the guy has an amazing physique that gives him even more millions of dollars through endorsements.

On their own determination, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have really made it big and there’s no one stopping them. Still, it is a bit dismal to hear about Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift splitting up.