April Macie from Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready, Credits: Adam Rose/Netflix

About Arya Shoaee
SpouseApril Maciejczyk September 2018 - Present
SiblingsGhazal Shoaee
OwnsGet Lucky Bar and Restaurant
Birth DateMarch 24

The spotlight is shining on six comedians thanks to Netflix’s new special, They Ready. The show stars Tiffany Haddish’s favorite comics, including Last Comic Standing finalist April Macie. Macie’s got a lot to celebrate these days as she approaches her one-year wedding anniversary with husband Arya Shoaee. To learn more about the globe-trotting businessman that is April Macie’s husband, check out our Arya Shoaee wiki.

Funny woman April Macie (nee April Maciejczyk) is one of six comedians featured on Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready, which premiered August 13 on Netflix. She’s best known for her successful run on Last Comic Standing (2006) and frequent appearances on The Howard Stern Show. She now travels the world as a headlining stand-up comedian, and it’s how she met her hubby, international entrepreneur Arya Shoaee.

Arya Shoaee Is from Iran

Details on Arya Shoaee’s age and upbringing are slim, but we do know that he hails from Iran based on Macie’s comments about him. The comedian gushed about her then-new “Iranian” boyfriend in a March 2017 interview with Chicago’s WGN9.

“I adore him, I adore him,” she said, before noting that falling for the foreign-born Shoaee was a pleasant surprise.

“I used to date foreigners because they were easier to break up with,” she quipped. “Because if you have commitment issues, you don’t even have to break up with them…America does it for you.”

Judging by Shoaee’s Instagram, he celebrates his birthday on March 24.

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He Met April Macie in Italy

In the same interview, Macie said she and Shoaee met while she was visiting the Mediterranean country. Shoaee owned a leather shop in Florence at the time, and seemed to win her over with a bit of old-fashioned courting.

“I feel like chivalry is dead in America and we’re just hanging on by a thread,” Macie lamented. “He pays for me, he pays for my friends, which is nice. I like to eat and I don’t like to pay for it.”

But dating the gentlemanly Shoaee wasn’t always easy. She even shared a hilarious clip showcasing the heavy-duty “hoisting” involved in squeezing into a pair of tights for one of their nights out.

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They Got Married in Greece

Arya Shoaee and April Macie tied the knot on September 2, 2018. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Santorini, Thira, Greece, according to their profile on The Knot.

Their wedding entailed three days of events, including a Sunset Catamaran Cruise, a hike from Fira to Oia, a beach day and water sports in Perissa, sunset gazing on the roof at their villa in Oia, their wedding ceremony, fireworks, dancing and more. He proposed in October 2017 on the highest point in Europe called “Jungfraujoch.”

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Shoaee Is an Avid World Traveler

On her husband’s Instagram page, there are many photos of the couple traveling together. In a beautiful photo, Shoaee wrote a heartfelt message about her birthday, “I feel very blessed to have such a delightful, caring, and breathtaking wife. I love you so much and hope that your birthday brings about everything you could ever desire. Happy birthday Love!”

Arya Shoaee’s Italy photographs are well-loved by his followers on social media. According to his Twitter profile, he is currently living there, and is the owner at the Get Lucky Bar and Restaurant. He often takes pictures of architecture, roads, people, animals, streets, boats, and other iconic monuments of the artistic country. He’s also visited various cities, including Venice, Murano, Prague, Bruges, Paris, Mykonos, Sirmione, Croatia, Miramonti, Gargonza, and more.

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Siena, Italy

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He’s Close to His Family

He’s definitely a family man—he has a sister named Ghazal Shoaee; however, there is limited information on her since her profiles are private. He’s also close to his mom. He and his wife live together with their two dogs.

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April Macie and Arya Shoaee have a very strong bond in their relationship. In a photograph of their passports (Shoaee’s from Iran, and Macie’s from the U.S.), she wrote “Love knows no borders.”

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Love knows no borders. #love #usa #iran #loveislove

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