The season 4 episode 9 mid-season finale of Arrow left fans reeling in suspense as the next episode (10th) will now air on it’s usual January second week date. However, there were certainly some speculations about what actually happened and how much is a trick played by the directors.

The biggest, most important question is- “Does Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) die?” Fans of the show just could not control their feelings and went on emotional rants everywhere on social media. On the episode 10 promo posted on YouTube, they commented things like, “Stop stop stop…why don’t the producers just put an arrow through my heart…thanks CW [sic].” But one had an interesting theory about it based on TV shows and wrote, “I will be shocked if Felicity actually dies. One of the biggest rules for TV shows like this is that if they tease the death of someone, they aren’t going to die.”

All this, based on a part of the promo of “Blood Debts.” While Felicity may be the focus what with everyone hating her, it might actually end up with some popular character who may actually be axed off the show. What started as a seemingly normal activity of cleaning the Star City Bay, ended up in a bloody episode with drones aiming at innocent volunteers, kidnapping and shooting! And of course, the limo incident that left poor Felicity’s fate hanging.


What’s more hilarious is that the official production team of spin-off series of the show, The Flash, tweeted something so appropriate that fans simply cried in agreement. One fan even replied to this with a gif of Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) breathing into a paper bag! Calm yourselves down Arrow fans, at least you don’t have to wait as long as Game of Thrones fans (which is a whole darn year).

Image Source: Instagram/cw_arrow


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