Arnold Schwarzenegger has done it all: bodybuilding, acting, politics, modeling, writing, philanthropy and investing! But his fans will always remember him as the iconic Terminator. So it refreshed a lot of memories when Schwarzenegger shared a photo of the reunion he had with his Terminator 2: Judgment Day co-star, Robert Patrick.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Twitter Robert Patrick The Terminator

Photo: Twitter/@Schwarzenegger


The 68-year-old posted a selfie of the two of them dressed in dapper suits while Patrick, 57, was seen pointing towards Schwarzenegger. The caption read, “The Reunion of the Machines! Fantastic to catch up w/ my T-1000 friend @robertpatrickT2 & reminisce about old times [sic].” And more than a few people reminisced along with the pair.

A fan replied to the post with a couple of photos from the evening, in which it could easily be seen just how much they enjoyed each other’s company. Others left comments like, “OMG! It’s judgment day! [sic]” and “Cool, so John Connor finally managed to reprogram both of you to get along!” However, there was one comment in particular that stood out from the rest. It read, “I hope that when you seen each other from across the room you shouted at everyone else, “GET OUT”! [sic].” This was in reference to the fact that Schwarzenegger and Patrick played lethal robot enemies in the movie which ultimately led to the “death” of Patrick’s character.

While the former Governor of California is socializing, his son is hard at work. How the tables have turned! The 22-year-old son of Schwarzenegger, Patrick, born to ex-wife, Maria Shriver, is taking over his father’s duties. His Twitter followers may not be as much in number as his dad’s, but they do love his Snapchat updates! What’s more the upcoming actor has three films lined up for next year: a biopic on Eleanor Roosevelt titled, Dear Eleanor, alongside Jessica Alba; Midnight Sun, a romantic-drama with Bella Thorne; and thriller North.


Image Source: Flickr

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