Seeing musicians cross over into acting definitely isn’t uncommon—we’ve seen many artists turn into actors. But it would still be a little strange to see someone like Ariana Grande cross over into a major Hollywood franchise like Star Wars. While the 22-year-old pop singer won’t actually be a part of any upcoming Star Wars movie, at least not yet, she did offer fans a glimpse at what it would look like if her face appeared on the body of one of franchise’s most beloved characters—Chewbacca.


Grande shared a series of pictures on Instagram and Twitter that show a scene with Hans Solo (a younger Harrison Ford) from an older Star Wars movie, only her glammed-up face has been superimposed on Chewbacca’s body. Needless to say, the photos are pretty funny.


The photos were supposedly created by Doug Middlebrook, who appears to be a friend of Grande’s who sometimes turns up in her social media pictures (and vice versa). Grande shared three of the pictures on Twitter, adding in the caption, “Doug made me these. I’m so happy.”

Her followers seemed to appreciate them just as much as she did. Grande’s post was retweeted almost 20,000 times and racked up over 39,000 likes. So while, she may never land a role in a real-life Star Wars movie, at least she and her millions of fans have these gems!


She will, however, be making an appearance in another big movie: Zoolander 2, which hits theaters on February 12. Although there isn’t much information on what her cameo will be about, we do know that it’ll likely involve a scene with Susan Sarandon, who revealed in an interview that they worked on a scene together in Rome.

Image Source: Flickr

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