Ariana Grande has recently confirmed the rumors of her dating Ricky Alvarez, a backup dancer from her crew. The news comes months after her split from her rapper boyfriend Big Sean in April last year. Seems like pop princess Ariana Grande fell for someone some time around last July, and this mystery guy later turned out to be  backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, who has danced with Ariana during her stage performances. Ariana and Ricky have recently shared the same photo of the pop princess looking back at someone. This is the black-and-white Polaroid of Ariana that Ricky shared, captioning it, “Warm through the winter time [sic],” on his Instagram. Ariana shared the same picture a while back and had captioned it, “When bae gets a Polaroid.” It looks like Ariana’s “bae” is undoubtedly Ricky Alvarez.

ariana grande pouting photo

The “Problem” singer seems to have no problems finding love, as some boggling evidence and a peek into Ariana Grande’s past love life are showing. As you look back at her past relationships, Ariana has fallen for typically handsome guys, like the time she dated Jai Brooks of an Australian teen band called The Janoskians in 2012. Ariana was later in a relationship with Nathan Sykes of the British boy band Wanted in 2013. The couple met while recording a track for a movie, and dated from August to December 2013. Later in 2014, Ariana began dating rap superstar Big Sean, and the couple was spotted kissing and holding hands at various events. Ariana and Big Sean’s relationship was an edgy topic on tabloids, and they were coined as one of the most enviable young couples in music. The couple was friends before they fell for each other, and it eventually ended when they amicably separated in April 2015. They are still supposedly on good terms.


Ricky Alvarez

Now, a couple of months after her split from Big Sean, a new twist in Ariana Grande’s love life has surfaced. According to sources, a minute-long clip of Ariana Grande and her friends fooling around in California’s Wolfee Donuts pastry shop went viral in July 2015. The clip shows Arianna licking donuts on the counter whenever the owner wasn’t looking, and she wasn’t alone. It turns out that one of the guys with her was none other than her dancer friend, Ricky Alvarez. The couple even shared a kiss in the footage. Ariana and Ricky’s romance made waves as this now infamous “Donut Clip” kept trending on social media.

Ariana Grande first met Ricky Alvarez on a tour when he’s believed to have wooed the singing diva with his charming dance moves. Her recent posts on Instagram have since clarified speculations and rumours, revealing the truth about her relationship with Ricky. For instance, Grande shared her personal clip of Alvarez making her laugh with a funny dancing gimmick. And the trick seems to be working on Grande so far! Take a look for yourself.

Photos: Instagram/arianagrande and rickyrozay


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