Ariana Grande has clearly come a long way since her Nickelodeon days. The 22-year-old actress-turned-singer shared a video to Instagram in celebration of hitting the milestone of 50 million followers on one of the hottest social media networks.

The “Problem” hitmaker posted a confusing video of her recently adopted dog, Strauss, who was just loitering around with a penguin-printed blanket on his back. The canine, who was taken in by Grande barely seven weeks ago, looked disinterested while his “mom” filmed him. Grande wrote in the caption, “50m… Strauss and I are overwhelmed!!! Thank you for your support, babes. I’m so grateful to have so much love in my life. [sic]”

Fans continued to show their love for the singer, as her post was liked about 233,000 times in the first two hours since it was shared. Several comments were also left, congratulating the star on this achievement. Most of them were along the lines of, “I love you,” or, “Congrats, you deserve it,” and one fan wrote, “50.1 mom 50.1!!!” But one dedicated follower simply could not get her eyes off little Strauss. She wrote, “Because the puppy has a blanket over it, it’s so cute,” with several heart emoticons. We couldn’t agree more!


Video: Instagram/ArianaGrande

Meanwhile, fellow singer and pop queen Taylor Swift currently rules Instagram with a massive fan following of 56.8 million people. Surprisingly, her close pal and crooner Selena Gomez ranks second with 53.1 million. Not to be outdone, socialite Kim Kardashian follows with 53 million fans, while Queen Bee (Beyoncé) ranks fourth with 52.2 million. With her gaining popularity and latest hit “Focus,” Grande is sure to catch up soon enough, or maybe even overtake the reigning Instagram queens!

Image Source: Flickr; Image Copyright 2013, celebrityabc


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