G Herbo, Ariana Fletcher and Yosohn Santana Wright attends G Herbo & Southside "Swervo" Album Release Celebration on July 26, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

Ariana Fletcher may have initially risen to fame for being rapper G Herbo’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama, but she’s made incredible strides of her own since the couple’s unpleasant and very public breakup. Read our Ariana Fletcher wiki to find out everything you need to know about the Instagram star, model, and self-made entrepreneur.

About Ariana Fletcher
Age25 Years
BirthJuly 12, 1995 Chicago, Illinois
ChildrenYosohn Santana
SiblingsKyle, Ashley
BrandsKYChe Extensions

To her fans, she’s known as Ari. But her full name is Ariana Fletcher. Born on July 12, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois, Ariana Fletcher has already made a very well-known name for herself. Our Ariana Fletcher wiki tells you everything there is to know about G Herbo’s ex-girlfriend.

Ariana Fletcher Had a Difficult Childhood

By the looks of it, Ariana Fletcher had a somewhat troubled home life growing up. Apparently, she had a very strained relationship with her father and the two have been estranged from one another for a very long time. Although she’s still very close with her mother and sister Ashley, aka creolemiss, not much is known about them.

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Ariana Fletcher also had an older brother named Kyle who she was very close with, but he allegedly died when she very young. The cause of his death is unknown and Ariana has made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t like talking about her brother because it’s too painful. To pay tribute to him, she got a tattoo of his face on her left shoulder.

Ariana loved her brother so much that she even named her Instagram handle “therealkylesister.” Her current profile picture is a cute shot of the two of them in a swimming pool as kids.

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Ariana struggled a lot in high school, presumably after losing her brother in an unexpected way. Eventually, she ended up dropping out after dating one of her female classmates. After exploring her sexuality, Ariana decided that dating women wasn’t the right thing for her.

Shortly after dropping out of high school, she began waitressing at Adrianna’s Night Club in Chicago. Around that same time, her Instagram modeling career began taking off.

In addition to posting very risqué pictures of herself in skimpy outfits, Ariana also likes sharing pictures of herself with her son for her fans to admire, while also taking pointed jabs at her baby daddy, G Herbo, in the descriptions.

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Halloween is cancelled, Papa not feeling it.

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This one is captioned: “Halloween is cancelled, Papa not feeling it.” While she could just be referring to the solemn expression on son Yosohn’s face, she could also be referring to G Herbo possibly not wanting to spend Halloween with his son.

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G Herbo and Ariana Fletcher’s Rocky Relationship Made Headlines

G Herbo and Ariana Fletcher reportedly started dating sometime in 2012 and their son Yosohn Santana was born in April 2018. Allegedly, the couple broke up shortly thereafter, amid rumors that he was cheating on her with none other than rapper Fabolous’ stepdaughter, Taina Williams.

Their breakup was tumultuous, to say the least. Despite previous allegations of abuse against her rapper ex-boyfriend, Ariana reportedly dropped the charges and decided to allow G Herbo to spend more time with his son. But not before having him arrested following a serious altercation earlier this year.

In a since-deleted tweet, Ariana explained what happened, saying, “He kicked my door down to get in my house because I wouldn’t let him in, beat the f*** out of me front of my son then he took my son outside to his friends and had then drive off with my son.” She continued to describe the assault in graphic detail. She deleted the post from her Instagram account, but not before fans had time to screenshot it.

Ariana and G Herbo allegedly had an agreement that he could spend time with his son as long as his new girlfriend wasn’t around. When the rapper posted pics of Taina and Yosohn together in the same room celebrating his 24th birthday, that’s when things hit the fan once again.

In another since-deleted, expletive-laden Instagram post, Ariana held no prisoners as she seriously called her ex and Taina out for the whole world to see with numerous defamatory allegations against both of them, much to the delight of her fans.

She wrote:

“NOW IM TAKING IT ALL THE WAY THERE. I try to be a cool a** baby mama, let you get my son even tho you don’t ever even get him foreal for whatever reason. I helped you get your cases dropped so you couldn’t go to jail. I be being so cool with you and you really done pushed me past my mf limit now, MY SON B****? IS YOU ON DOPE? Cause when I just checked you and this b**** the other day y’all swore that wasn’t my baby but this s*** is CLEAR AS F****** DAY MY SON! You dumb broke crybaby b****. I asked you to not have my son around this h**. I told you to your face not to have him around this lame a** h** and yo h** a** agreed and said you and her know better ain’t no disrespecting me when it come to my son. N**** you swore on all yo dead homies you don’t have my son around. Stupid b**** sitting here with her face frowned up while you got my son. The b**** used to f*** bibby, she’s a c** rag a**, wanna be wifey a**, tryna luck up a** h**. Please lie and say s*** didn’t so I can post it. You wifed a h** that wanna pretend to be a good girl shorty a** is a professional side b**** that you fell for. How you wife a h** that f***** with one of yo main homies. Yo h** so f****** slow she gives you 24 rolled woods full of weed and you just got out of a f****** drug program 2 weeks ago. AIR HEAD!”

It suffices to say that Ariana is probably a lot better off without that kind of drama in her life. For a while, she was dating American professional boxer Gervonta Davis, but it appears that the couple broke up earlier this year after Ariana celebrated her son’s first birthday with her baby daddy G Herbo.

Gervonta even went as far as deleting all pictures of him and Ariana from his Instagram account, and she quickly followed suit. She also called him out on Twitter, stating that he’s “a b****,” but deleted the tweet.

In a recent video on her YouTube channel called TheRealKyleSister, she stated that she’s “not dating anyone” and she’s “100% single.” She went on to say, “I don’t wanna start dating no time soon” and “I just need time for myself. I need time for me and I don’t wanna jump back into nothing.”

She Has Her Own Hair Extension Company

Ariana started her own hair extension company with her cousin, Britney. Although Ariana is the face of the company and does a lot of the promotions online through her various social media channels, Britney handles the business’s management and finances.

When asked about the inspiration behind her company name, Ariana said, “So me and my cousin, we was talkin’ ‘bout it cuz I always liked to wear my hair in different colors, like different styles and s***.” People were always complimenting her unique hairstyles so she figured she “might as well start selling [her] own s***.”

The name KyChe is a combination of Kyle—Ariana Fletcher’s brother’s name—and Che, his son’s name. For more information on KyChe, check out the KyChe Extensions Instagram and the company website. But be forewarned, because some of the images on the homepage are definitely NSFW!

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