A U.S. tabloid recently reported that one of the most well-known celebrity couples in a May-December relationship, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, is in the process of getting a divorce after 13 years of marriage. Reps for Douglas and Zeta-Jones quickly shot down the divorce rumors, but it seems the story surfaced because the celebrity couple has actually been spending a lot more time apart as of late. Douglas is reportedly staying in Manhattan at the moment, while Zeta-Jones is still living in their New York State home with their two kids. Douglas supposedly goes to visit his family on the weekends.

With these unusual living arrangements, it’s hard to tell if their marriage is on the rocks, or if they’re just content with not spending every day together. After all, Zeta-Jones did recently admit that the secret to their successful marriage was space and that she often spent time alone in a secluded room in their home. Sources close to the celebrity couple, however, have a slightly different opinion about how much time they’re spending apart. “They need to make more of an effort with their marriage. It’s not enough to be seen together for public appearances—they have to do more behind the scenes,” the insider told Grazia magazine.

Despite not living together full-time right now, the source assures that divorce isn’t something they’re considering at all, especially because of the impact that it would have on their kids and on their health—Zeta-Jones has been very open about how stress made it harder for her to manage her bipolar disorder. The actress has also said in the past that she’s repulsed by the concept of divorce and that she will “never get divorced, never.” Just in case, though, they’ve got an ironclad prenup in place if it ever comes down to that.


What do you think: Can a marriage still be happy and successful if you’re not actually living together full-time?


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Photo Credit: Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com


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