No band is safe from a breakup but when you’re as iconic as the Foo Fighters, even just rumors of a split can be especially scary for music fans. The band has been constantly battling reports that they’re struggling to keep it together and that lead singer Dave Grohl wants to pursue a solo career instead, especially after his solo performance at this year’s Oscars. In response to the rumors, the Foo Fighters have released an “official band announcement” to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind—are the Foo Fighters really splitting up? Well, fans can rest assured, because it’s all nonsense. The Foo fighters are not breaking up! And not only did the band refute the rumors, but they did it with an elaborate hoax.

It all started on Monday (March 1) when the band posted on their official Twitter account that they would be releasing an “official band announcement” the next day. The following evening, they tweeted out a link to a video posted on their YouTube channel titled Foo Fighters – Official Band Announcement. The seven-minute clip starts with flashes of headlines insinuating that the band is splitting up and that Dave Grohl will focus on pursuing a career as a solo artist. It then shows an old red carpet interview with the band’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, in which he says that he and his bandmate “need a break.” Sounds convincing, right?


The video then cuts to Dave Grohl in a meeting discussing the success of his Academy Awards performance and that it may be time to do his own thing. “I mean there was just something about like, being on stage by myself,” Grohl says, adding that it has nothing to do with the other guys and that they’d understand if he wanted to break up from the band. Unfortunately, the other guys aren’t on board with his plan and have a phone conference about how unreasonable Grohl is being. At this point in the video, it seems almost certain that the band announcement is that they’re splitting up. But there’s more.

The next clip is of Dave Grohl trying out his solo singing chops in the studio while the other bandmates are sitting around a table trying to find a replacement for their lead singer. They toss a few ideas around, like Gwen Stefani, Chris Cornell, Phil Collins, Prince, Liam Gallagher, Diplo, and even Justin Bieber. After dismissing the idea of “promoting from within,” they ultimately settle on former pop star and boy band member Nick Lachey. The video ends with a black screen and two lines of copy: “For the millionth time, we’re not breaking  up. And nobody’s going f*cking solo!” So, there you have it, once and for all—ignore all the rumors, because the Foo Fighters are not breaking up! Watch the full video below:

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