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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have been dating for about a year now and have decided to take their relationship to the next level with a revealing (yet unrevealing) picture on Shayk’s Instagram last Friday. The 30-year-old Russian supermodel has never confirmed her relationship to Cooper—until now! E! News confirmed that the couple took the picture while on vacation, with a source adding that they had a great time—we bet they did!

The picture in question was a shot of the pair in a pool with Shayk sporting a blue, plunging bathing suit and Cooper in swimming trunks. Though the newly outed couple is headless in the pic, E! News confirms their identities. They are back in New York and have been spotted around the city. (There’s nowhere to hide now!) There was a time when “the next level” meant moving in or marriage, but since these two have been so evasive with their relationship status, even this pic share is cause for celebration.

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Judging by the picture, Cooper and Shayk enjoy teasing fans about their relationship, resembling a game of Clue or cat and mouse. Without even the aid of a caption, Shayk was able to get hundreds of comments on her picture and everyone seemed to know it was them from the start.

Lately the couple has been living in New York City and has been spotted holding hands in the iconic West Village, going to Broadway plays and late night dates, and making the most of their time together. Despite the earlier rumors this year, an insider told E! News that the couple is very much still in love—and it shows! The Joy actor shows as much PDA as possible while out with his girlfriend, which is a huge change from their days of hiding.

But we can’t blame them for wanting their privacy—can we?