The biggest hurdle for a lot of celebrity couples is being able to maintain a healthy relationship when they’re both juggling busy work schedules—it’s even worse when celebrity couples have to manage long distance relationships. One celebrity couple that seems to be making it work is 38-year-old Bradley Cooper and his 21-year-old model girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse.

Waterhouse is originally from London, while Cooper has been based in the U.S. But he may not have to worry about making the trek to the U.K. anymore because his girlfriend has revealed that she’s getting pretty comfortable being stateside. “I kind of quite like it here,” Waterhouse recently told reporters in L.A., adding, “It’s rather nice. I’m not missing much about England right now.” She also added that she was “really happy.” And she has good reason to be. The celebrity couple was most recently spotted canoodling on the beach in Hawaii, where Cooper is currently shooting his next film.

It sounds like Waterhouse may actually consider staying put in the U.S. with Cooper, which could take their May-December relationship to a whole new level.


What do you think: Will Bradley Cooper’s relationship with Suki Waterhouse make it down the aisle?


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