Are Beyoncé and Jay Z divorcing? The celebrity couple isn’t new to divorce rumors, but as such speculation continues to pile up, it begins to seem like inevitable. And now, another incident has been added to the pile of evidence pointing to a future split. Following the couple’s most recent public spat, is there a chance that Beyoncé and Jay Z might file for divorce soon?

This past weekend, Beyoncé and Jay Z held a private dinner party for a small group of people who are very important to them, such as family members and people they work closely with—supposedly about 10 people attended. According to a source that claimed to be one of the people at the party, the two barely spoke to each other and stayed apart the entire evening. Beyoncé was said to be upset about the catering, namely that it wasn’t “her people” that made the food, and her husband was simply not having any of it. As a result, Jay Z left his own party early, leaving his wife to wrap it up on her own. As a result of this event, divorce rumors have flared up once more.

Happy Beginnings


Beyoncé and Jay Z met at some point between 1997 and 2000 through their mutual industry, though talks of the two being in a relationship didn’t begin until 2002; Jay Z would later claim that they first started attempting to date in 2001. The couple would not acknowledge their relationship publicly throughout 2003, despite constantly being seen together and referencing each other in their music, before finally walking a red carpet together in 2004. The famous pair would still attempt to keep their relationship out of the public eye before finally marrying during a private ceremony at Jay Z’s apartment in April, 2008. Their first child, Blue Ivy Carter, was born on January 17, 2012.

The first issues between the couple appeared in May, 2014, following the famous and highly publicized “elevator fight” between Jay Z and Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles. At that year’s Met Gala, the three entered an elevator together. For reasons still questioned and debated to this day, Solange began physically assaulting her brother-in-law while her sister just stood there and watched. While a press release—and the fact that Beyoncé and Jay Z are still together—shows that the family has since moved on from the incident, Solange’s attack on Jay Z began an onslaught of speculation that Jay Z had been unfaithful, which is what led to the assault.

Rumor Mill Churning

Since then, rumors of an impending split have plagued the celebrity couple’s relationship on a seemingly consistent basis. Reasons for the pair’s marriage woes have ranged from lingering issues stemming from the elevator attack (in other words, that Jay Z really cheated) to Jay Z being jealous that Beyoncé’s record label was proving just as successful as his own, if not more, to suggestions that attempts to file for divorce were already underway to just constant reports that they’re fighting.

Money woes are another potential issue. As of 2015, Beyoncé enjoys a net worth of $372 million, in comparison her husband’s net worth of $550 million. However, Jay Z’s worth may be on the cusp of taking a hit as the rapper continues to potentially face multiple lawsuits stemming from improper—not illegal per se, just poor—business practices, including failing to secure the rights to sample vocals used in his songs and failing to meet written commitments made with artists working under his label, Roc Nation.


This weekend’s dinner party fiasco may not be the first thing to make a case for the idea that Beyoncé and Jay Z might file for divorce, but it may be the last. Within the coming weeks, we’ll see if the couple will move past this as well, or if enough is finally enough.

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