93 gorgeous women from all over the world are vying for the title of Miss Universe 2017. Representing Honduras is the reigning titleholder, April Tobie. This teen is hoping to be crowned the next Miss Universe when the event is held on November 26. Find out about this talented beauty, including April Tobie’s nationality and platform, right here in our April Tobie wiki.

She’s a Student

Very little information is available about April Tobie’s early life and family. She’s 18 years old and is a native of the Roatan, Caribbean island north of Honduras. But she’s currently in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, where she’s a student at The National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH).

Tobie is pursuing a degree in international trade and is currently in her second year at the university. However, when she graduates, she plans to pursue a career in the sports field.

She Plays Volleyball

This 6’0 tall stunner is a volleyball player and a pretty good one, too. Not only does she play on her university’s team, she was already scouted to play on the National Honduran Volleyball Team.

Her Miss Universe bio describes her as someone who sets out the achieve the impossible. “April believes there is no goal that cannot be reached, so after achieving her goals she hopes to pass on what she has learned to future generations,” it reads.

Her current goal to win Miss Universe is not entirely unimaginable. However, she plans to use her title to promote equality of women in sports.

She’s a Model

When Tobie glides across the stage, she radiates confidence like someone seasoned on the runway. It probably has to do with her extensive experience as a model. She was one of the most recognizable faces at the Fashion Week Honduras last month.

She walked in the shows of nationally acclaimed designers and labels like Lawin Paz, Mary Ann Kafati and Nicaragua Disena. Her Instagram is testimony to all her modeling achievements.

These days, she’s documenting her journey to Miss Universe. She had a team of experts to help her with her styling and preparation for competing in Miss Universe 2017.

#1. Ready for the Crown

#2. Strut Like You Mean It

#3. Tall and Proud

#4. Aiming for Our Hearts

#5. Give Her the Crown Already!