Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, 54, and wife Melanie Griffith, 57, have legally ended their 18-year marriage. The pair has a daughter, Stella Banderas, who turned 18 in September.

Apparently, both Banderas and Griffith have now already signed the divorce papers and are just waiting for an official to legalize it—this is expected to be done in a few days. The documents were filed after an initial report raised concerns about spousal issues, claims TMZ. Griffith wanted custody of daughter Stella, along with spousal support, but the former issue sorted itself out when Stella came of age in September.

The pair announced their separation in June last year, and the reason given by Griffith was “irreconcilable differences.” She hired Laura Wasser, a renowned attorney, to take care of the case.


Banderas and Griffith are also selling their properties. Just last month, their Los Angeles mansion sold at a record-breaking bid of $15.94 million! Following that sale, they put up their luxurious Aspen holiday home for sale for $9.9 million.

The Hollywood couple had met on the set of their film Two Much in 1995, where they fell head over heels in love with each other. Griffith even got a tattoo on her arm of a heart inscribed with “Antonio”—she has gotten it partially erased since splitting from Banderas. Their marriage had reportedly been in hot water for the past year.

Sadly, this will be the fourth divorce for Griffith and the second for Banderas.

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