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Antoine Griezmann, France national football (soccer) team star, has become somewhat of a hero following his team’s winning of the 2016 UEFA European Championship, and on their home turf, no less. As such, he’s become a media darling, in no part aided by appearances from his significant other, Erika Choperena. The Antoine Griezmann girlfriend has become a celebrity in her own right as a result, leading to searches along the lines of, “Antoine Griezmann wife” and “Antoine Griezmann femme” as people attempt to learn more about the nature of their relationship.

About their Relationship

When it comes to Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena (who got together in 2011), the two have managed to keep their relationship under the radar. In what is clearly becoming commonplace for the girlfriends and wives of soccer stars, the significant other of Antoine Griezmann keeps her personal life private, and she doesn’t give the media any of the insider info that they would likely love to have. So if you were hoping to search for Erika Choperena pictures, you’re not going to find many (not that we’d blame you for searching for Erika Choperena pictures, though; the Antoine Griezmann femme is quite lovely).

The Griezmann Family

Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena have one child together, daughter Mia Griezmann, who was born on the 8th of April of this year. As she is still an infant, and given the fact that privacy is very important to her parents, very little is known about her; it’s possible that pictures of the little bundle of joy haven’t even made it online. However, she’s sure to start attending her daddy’s games when she’s older, right alongside mommy. There’s no word yet on if it will be “Antoine Griezmann kids,” plural. Maybe in the future the Antoine Griezmann family will grow—after all, their first child was only just born—so we wouldn’t be surprised if more Antoine Griezmann children happen down the line.

They Speak Different Languages

They say love has no boundaries, and that apparently includes the language barrier, as well. The Antoine Griezmann family actually speak different primary languages. Griezmann’s main language is French, while Choperena is a native Spanish speaker. Griezmann spent most of his life in Spain and was not a France resident for at least eight years before joining the national team. But now, to Antoine Griezmann, France is home. The couple have stated that it’s important to them that Mia and all future Antoine Griezmann kids learn and speak both French and Spanish, so that they will have no difficulties concersing with both sides of the Antoine Griezmann family.

He Acknowledges their Child When He Scores

Much like Gareth Bale, Antoine Griezmann has a signature gesture that he makes after scoring, and also like Bale, it’s directed at the first of potentially many Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann children, Mia. After a goal, Antoine Griezmann will often dance in a way reminiscent of rapper Drake in the music video for his hit song, “Hotline Bling.” The only difference is that when Antoine Griezmann does it, he incorporates sucking his thumb and pointing at the camera, acknowledging his infant daughter. How adorable!