In September 2012, True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer welcomed fraternal twins Charlie and Poppy into the world. Now, in 2016, Paquin appears to still be facing the trials of motherhood as she attempts a special kind of training.

A likely exhausted Paquin wrote on Twitter at 5:00 a.m. about an issue that many parents have likely faced in their children’s early years. “Is there a world record for longest length of time a kid screamed while ‘sleep training’ is being attempted?” she wrote. While it’s not entirely clear whether she’s sleep training her kids, or even if she’s referring to her children at all, it’s seems like an odd thing to bring up at random. She could also be referring to neighbors, perhaps?

Sleep training is a process that involves teaching a baby how to fall asleep and stay asleep through the entire night, with the amount of training needed varying from child to child. There are two main forms of sleep training, though others exist. The first is the “cry it out” approach, which involves putting the baby to bed while they’re still awake and allowing them to cry while periodically comforting them; this teaches the child to soothe itself. The second method is the “no tears” approach, in which the child is comforted immediately.

You may be wondering why Anna Paquin would be sleep training her kids when they’re already three years old, but it’s perfectly normal; while sleep training can be started as early as four months old, it’s supposedly never too late to start. However, as one fan pointed out in the comments on the tweet, there are arguments against the “cry it out” method, since it involves leaving babies in distress.

Regardless of the method, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer likely still have a lot of sleepless nights ahead. Hopefully it doesn’t affect their relationship or careers! While Paquin will be busy with her new A&E mini-series reboot Roots, which airs sometime this year, Moyer has two films lined up for release in 2016, according to IMDb: Juveniles and Detour.


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