2_AnnaNicoleSmithHaving a sugar daddy is an easy way to make money. While there may be genuine feelings involved, there’s always money, and lots of it.

Anna Nicole Smith became the ultimate sugar baby when she married business tycoon J. Howard Marshall. Although she aptly denied it, it was hard not to believe that she wasn’t just after his money—after all, she was a hot 26-year-old stripper, and he was an 89-year-old billionaire. A year after their wedding, Smith went from sugar baby to widow.

After Marshall’s death, Smith fought tooth and nail against his family for her share of the sugar daddy’s massive fortune. She said he promised her money—as most sugar daddies do—even though she wasn’t mentioned in his will. When Smith died suddenly in 2007, her estate continued fighting for the money—$475.0 million to be exact—saying that Smith’s young daughter, Dannielynn, was now entitled to it. Her estate came close to victory in 2011, until a judge overturned the previous ruling that had granted them the fortune.


Now, they’re getting a second shot. The money is back up in the air after it was recently discovered that Marshall’s legal representatives used sleazy tactics to hide important documents during the legal battle. As a result, Marshall’s estate is being ordered to pay sanctions of $49.0 million that will go to Dannielynn.

At six years old, the newfound riches will make Dannielynn one of the world’s youngest multi-millionaires. Smith may not be around to enjoy her sugar daddy’s fortune, but it certainly pays to be a sugar baby’s baby.

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