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Who is Anna Kendrick currently dating? Despite all the dating rumors you might have heard or are currently reading about online, Anna Kendrick’s boyfriend is still Ben Richardson. But to give you some background on her love life, here is an Anna Kendrick dating timeline.

Ben Richardson

Richardson is a British cinematographer; he and Kendrick met on the set of Drinking Buddies and have been dating since 2014. They were most recently seen out and about, taking a walk with cold beverages in hand. So far, the two are still together and still very much in love.

Edgar Wright

Kendrick dated Edgar Wright from 2009 to 2013. They met on the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which he directed. They haven’t been around each other much since and they both continue to focus on work.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal and Kendrick never dated and so far it was just a rumor, one that Gyllenhaal set straight. Gyllenhaal was in a relationship with Taylor Swift once upon a time, so it’s unlikely that he would date someone that much younger than him again. Especially given that the age difference was part of the reason he split from Swift in the first place.

Zac Efron

As much as these two would make a cute couple, it was just another fabricated lie. The two star in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and have shared photos of each other on Instagram. We can see why people think they would be dating, but for now that’s still untrue.

Chris Pine

The 30-year-old and Kendrick co-starred in the 2014 movie, Into the Woods but that was the extent of their relationship. There was no romance and she did not fall for Pine, who (funny enough) played the role of the “Prince Charming” character.