Rumors surrounding Jurassic World star Chris Pratt have recently surfaced claiming that he has been cheating on his wife, Anna Faris, with Jennifer Lawrence. While the 38-year-old blonde beauty calls her and Pratt’s relationship “incredible,” she also admits to feeling stung by this gossip.

Faris told FOX411 in an interview that the rumors claiming marriage troubles for her and Pratt, 36, were “devastating.” She added that the constant rumors have been completely blindsiding them, and said, “It has been weirdly stinging.”

The mother of one, who married Pratt in July 2009, says that tabloid speculations of him cheating on her with Lawrence, his upcoming Passengers co-star, were particularly hurtful. Faris explained that in the past, she had partially believed in rumors about celebrity couples—even though they had never been part of her life prior to this—because she always thought that there could be some truth in it. Once the rumors struck her marriage, she realized how inaccurate (and damaging) tabloid gossip about celebrity couples could really be. Nonetheless, the two make for a fantastic team when it comes to their two-year-old son, Jack. “I am very lucky that I am with a man [who] values family,” Faris exclaimed.


Back in June, Faris and Pratt were asked how they make their marriage work, and the Guardians of the Galaxy actor promptly replied that they take a moment every day to check in with each other. “Our motto is eye on the prize,” Pratt added.


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