Photo: Anisa Jomha Instagram

About Anisa Jomha
Age31 Years
BirthJune 25, 1993
SiblingsMuhammad Jomha, Iman Jomha
ParentsMaureen Jomha
CountryUnited States
JobYouTuber, Online streamer
AlumniUniversity of Alberta, Harry Ainlay High School
HometownEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
BoyfriendIan Carter (iDubbbz)

iDubbbz is one of the inhabitants of YouTube’s “hilarious and questionable antics” space. Thanks to his comedy videos that border on ridiculousness, he’s made some serious bank. But outside of the streaming scene, iDubbbz is Ian Carter, a regular guy with a girlfriend. He’s been dating Anisa Jomha for a minute, but she’s already built a reputation for herself for their relationship. She has her own streaming career on the rise, which is worth some attention in this Anisa Jomha wiki.

Anisa Jomha’s Has a Mixed Heritage

Anisa Jomha was born on June 25, 1993 and is from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. She has at least one sister, Iman, and one brother, Muhammad.

Anisa and her siblings inherited a rich ancestry from their parents. Her mother, Maureen, is Irish Catholic and her father is a Lebanese Muslim. And she’s not one to shy away from showing how much she loves her upbringing in a mixed-culture household.

Maureen converted to Islam after marrying her children’s father. Anisa and her siblings were also raised Muslim.

In a video, Anisa recalled that she no longer follows Islam. She described telling her father when she was 16 that she didn’t want to follow a specific faith, and her father didn’t take it very well. The family eventually worked through it together, and she’s a lot closer to her father now.

Anisa’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and went missing once in June 2019, at which point she tweeted for help finding him. Someone who saw her tweet found him and brought him home after he had been missing for seven hours.

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Jomha’s Mother Moderates Her Streaming Channel

Like iDubbbz, Anisa Jomha found fame online as a streamer. She’s primarily known among the gaming community for her Twitch channels and for regular vlogging on YouTube.

She began streaming in 2015 with League of Legends gameplays. Initially known as “Raihnbowkidz” on Twitch, she now goes by her real name.

Johma is a self-described “boobie streamer,” a term used in the Twitch community for female streamers who dress provocatively. Her revealing outfits earned her attention, both good and bad. And while she handled it well, a few followers often crossed a line.

The tasteless comments reached a point where Johma’s mom had to step in. Maureen now serves as the chat moderator for Anisa’s streaming and vlogging activities.

But Maureen is also fascinated by how her daughter handles the trolling. “I was really quite fascinated by her strength and humor. The way she handled trolling won people over, including myself,” said Maureen. “I don’t need to feel protective of her.”

Anisa dropped the gimmick and old streaming identity in 2016 for a YouTube vlogger persona. She sticks to her gameplay on Twitch, and the “slice of life” genre of videos on YouTube.

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Anisa Played Ice Hockey and Lacrosse

Jomha graduated from Harry Ainlay High School and went on to earn a B.Ed in fine and studio arts from the University of Alberta in 2014. As a student, she was a skilled athlete playing ice hockey and lacrosse.

Lacrosse seems to be a family sport as her father and uncle used to play it in their youth. Besides Anisa, her brother Muhammad played, too.

When she was in college, Jomha worked as a lacrosse instructor in Edmonton while waitressing at a local bar. She also had a sales job at a local store.

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Jomha Moved to California to Be with iDubbbz

As revealed in an AMA video she made, Anisa’s relationship with iDubbbz began through boredom. Anisa had recently attended Twitch Con and she had booked an extra day in San Diego back then.

Sitting alone in the hotel while everyone else had left the day before, she was scrolling through Twitter when she noticed that iDubbbz was just tweeting away nonstop. Anisa tweeted back at him, basically asking iDubbbz to save her from her boredom.

iDubbbz picked her up from the hotel and they went for tacos and ended up talking for hours. This turned into more conversations when she got back home to Canada.

Their relationship grew and eventually, Anisa packed up and headed to California to be closer to iDubbbz. She, however, began spending more time with her family in Alberta after her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

There have also been rumors that they broke up. But they put those rumors to rest with their cute social media posts together.

On March 9, however, Jomha took to Twitter to announce the launch of her new account on OnlyFans, a social media service that allows creators to provide exclusive content to paid subscribers. The platform is most popular for its pornographic content.

The response was mixed, with many followers wondering how the move would affect her relationship with iDubbz. But the rising influencer quickly shot the naysayers down, telling one commenter that her YouTuber boyfriend is “very supportive.”

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