Brad Pitt, 51, and Angelina Jolie, 40, are handpicking a new home. Hollywood’s most famous celebrity couple is house hunting in London, reports Us Weekly. It seems that “Angie wants to slowly immerse herself in E.U. politics,” according to an insider.

The parents of six are believed to have surveyed a massive, seven-bedroom, $39 million mansion in Westminster back in June, but haven’t yet made an official purchase. The reason for this hesitation was explained by the source as being a “huge investment.” They added, “Neither of them wants to throw down that amount of cash.”

Also, Angelina Jolie reportedly wants to gradually get more involved in European politics, which is why they’re looking in the area. The celebrity couple flew to London in June in order to attend an event that was part of her work regarding U.K. foreign policies and her current campaign to cease sexual violence in war-related crimes.


While visiting, the duo also had the privilege of having tea with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Us Weekly reports that the four discussed their common interest in fighting the illegal trade of wildlife.

Although speculations are that they will be moving permanently, Jolie is said to be in no rush to make such a big shift. The actress and philanthropist does not want to make “a sudden career change,” as, “She doesn’t want to lose her directing momentum.”

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