Here’s the latest revelation stirring up Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce rumors. Angelina has demanded that her husband, Brad Pitt, get a DNA test and prove wrong the rumors that he is not the father of Melissa Etheridge’s kids. This shocker comes after rock singer Melissa Etheridge had recently spoke of how Brad Pitt was almost going to sire her two kids.

Taking that in account, Angelina Jolie is rumored to be demanding a DNA test from Brad to verify whether he’s fathered Melissa Etheridge’s children. While the world was caught up the rumor regarding Angelina Jolie dying as one of many reasons for the couple’s supposed divorce, no one would have thought about this blast from the past!

Angelina Demands Brad Do a DNA Test?

While Angelina Jolie is coping with some temporary health issues while suffering through eating disorders, she’d hate to find another crack in her marriage to Brad Pitt. Rumors began spreading that Jolie was demanding that Pitt take a paternity test to verify that he isn’t the father of Etheridge’s kids. However, Gossip Cop promptly shut down this rumor, deeming it totally false.


It started with National Enquirer writing about Brad Pitt’s involvement as a sperm donor to singer Melissa Etheridge. The Enquirer speculated that Angelina was growing suspicious of Brad’s infidelity and was suspicious even before their marriage. According to the tabloid, sources close to the couple said she wanted Brad to do a paternity test regarding Melissa Etheridge’s kids.

The Enquirer also spoke of how Brad thinks Angelina’s getting paranoid over this as a result of her ongoing health problems. The rumor also claimed that if Brad refused to take the test, Angelina would reach out to Melissa herself and ask her the truth.

About Melissa Etheridge & Brad Pitt

Melissa Etheridge

Credits: Instagram/melissa_etheridge

While Gossip Cop is doing its job to wash out false rumors, here’s Melissa’s part of the story. We speculate things between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s supposedly “tumbling” marriage went sore soon after Melissa Etheridge’s interview last week on a talk show on Australia’s Studio 10 network. Rumors of Brad Pitt being the real father started out right after Melissa revealed on live television that Brad offered to be a sperm donor for her present kids.

Things between Melissa Etheridge and Brad Pitt go way back. The 54-year-old rock singer has been a close friend of Brad’s since the 2000s. Melissa is an openly gay woman who’s married to TV producer Linda Wallem, and the couple have two children. While they were married, Melissa and Linda considered Brad as a potential sperm donor. After all, who wouldn’t want such charming genes? But, the rock singer says things did not go that way as Brad opted out, and the couple later chose singer David Crosby as their sperm donor.


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