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Here is everything you need to know about Brand New lead singer Jesse Lacey’s wife, Andrea King. Who is Brand New’s Jesse Lacey’s wife? That’s one of the many questions people are asking after learning of the musician’s sexual harassment claims and his recent apology. Get all the details you need with our Andrea King wiki.

Who Is Andrea King?

Andrea King’s age is unknown, but she’s better known for her work as a tailor.

If you’ve been wondering about Andrea King’s kids, she has a daughter with Jesse named Bowie, who was born in January 2016.

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Andrea King’s Instagram

There’s no shortage of Andrea King’s Instagram pics, and she enjoys posting about her work and family.

Not surprisingly, many of her posts are of her spending time with her daughter and husband.


Shania Twain’s Wedding

If you wondered who put together singer Shania Twain’s wedding dress, then it was none other than an Andrea King original. In an Instagram, King wrote about how she worked on the singer’s dress for the big day.

“Cleaning out my studio space and came across some old work. I spent weeks on this, working and reworking the dress, making her reception dress, the veil, the groom’s vest (bc no one carries white linen in January), and even a custom ring pillow! Our poor children will someday have to sort through a very interesting box of memorabilia. [sic]”

Sexual Harassment Claim

In a lengthy statement on the band’s Facebook account, Lacey, 39, apologized after being accused of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old, when he was 24.

“In an effort to address recent events and the public conversation currently happening, I feel it is important to make a clear and personal statement,” Lacey’s statement began.

Lacey continued, “The actions of my past have caused pain and harm to a number of people, and I want to say that I am absolutely sorry. I do not stand in defense of myself nor do I forgive myself. I was selfish, narcissistic, and insensitive in my past, and there are a number of people who have had to shoulder the burden of my failures. I apologize for the hurt I have caused, and hope to be able to take the correct actions to earn forgiveness and trust.”

The statement ended with Lacey saying, “I am sorry for how I have hurt people, mistreated them, lied, and cheated. I am sorry for ignoring the way in which my position, status, and power as a member of a band affected the way people viewed me or their approach to their interactions with me. And I am sorry for how often I have not afforded women the respect, support, or honesty that they deserved, and which is their right.”

According to Daily Mail, a woman named Nicole Elizabeth Garey claimed that the singer asked for nude photos of her and to have her watch him masturbate on Skype.

“[Lacey] solicited nudes from me starting when I was 15 and he was 24. Manipulated the hell out of me, demanded specific poses/settings/clothing, demeaned me, and made it clear that my sexuality was the only thing I had to offer,” said Garey.

Garey continued, “I should’ve known better by then, but he had screwed me up so much psychologically that all I wanted was his approval. It fucked me up to the point that I STILL have nightmares and wakeup in a sweat. I still breakdown and have panic attacks when people play Brand New in a bar.”

The band’s U.K. tour has been postponed since the recent allegations. And, there’s no word on Jesse Lacey and Andrea King’s marriage status at the moment.


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