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Amy and Tammy Slaton are taking their YouTube fame to TV with the new TLC docuseries 1,000-lb Sisters. The sisters whose antics on and off YouTube have made them a viral topic time and again will document their attempts to lose weight in this six-part series that premieres on New Year’s Day. If you are one of those who haven’t been initiated into the Slaton Sisters universe, our Amy and Tammy Slaton wiki will get you up to speed.

Amy and Tammy Slaton Are from Kentucky

Amy (born 1988) and Tammy Slaton (born 1987) are sisters from Dixon, Kentucky and attended Union County High School. Very little is known about the Slaton sisters despite their new social media fame.

With Amy weighing 406 lbs and Tammy at 605 lbs, their combined weight tips the scale at 1,000 lbs. These morbidly obese sisters first caused a stir on YouTube with their respective YouTube channels.

Amy, whose channel began in 2011, has over 116K subscribers, while Tammy began hers in 2018 and has 21.5K subscribers in 2019.

Tammy’s brand of YouTube includes DIY videos, daily vlogs, playing with her pet cats, cooking, and pretty much every YouTube video genre. Amy is popular for makeup tutorials and reviews.

They also get into a lot of antics, including a shade-throwing feud with another overweight YouTube star, Amberlynn. And now they are bringing their entertaining talents to reality television.

Their hometown appears to be excited for Amy and Tammy’s TV debut. 1000-lb Sisters will see both of them attempt to lose enough weight to get bariatric surgery, much like TLC’s other flagship show, My 600-lb Life.

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Amy Slaton Is Married to Mike Halterman

While Tammy is purportedly in a relationship, Amy recently tied the knot. Her husband, Mike Halterman, went to the same high school as the Slaton sisters and works as a mill operator at Shamrock Technologies.

The Kentucky natives had their wedding in Nashville on March 15, 2019. In a video filmed right before her wedding, she revealed she and her husband-to-be spent time at the Cooter’s Place Dukes of Hazzard Museum.

Posted by Amy Halterman on Friday, June 21, 2019

Amy wants to start a family with Mike but is having trouble getting pregnant, one of the reasons she wants to get the gastric sleeve surgery. Tammy, who has been living in Amy’s home and doesn’t leave the house unless its a medical emergency, wants to lose weight so she can do day-to-day tasks without depending on others.

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Amy Set Up a GoFundMe Page for Tammy’s Funeral

Tammy needs help in everyday tasks and has been confined to the house for six years. She’s had a few medical scares over the years and was once hospitalized, after which she moved in with Amy and Mike.

Some years ago, she had to be taken to a hospital after a medical episode. Back then, Amy set up a GoFundMe page. But she may have jumped the gun on the circumstances.

Amy reportedly stated on the GoFundMe page that the money was needed for Tammy’s funeral. It wasn’t long before their social media followers thought that Tammy had died.

However, Tammy survived the unspecified medical scare. And Amy was slammed for supposedly creating a death hoax to crowdsource money.

Some of Amy’s fans came to her defense, saying that the GoFundMe page didn’t state that Tammy had died. The page is no longer available on the Internet, but it reportedly stated that the money would be used for the funeral if Tammy dies, or towards her medical bills.

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