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Amy Lawrence is a sports broadcaster on CBS Sports Radio. If you’re a sports lover, you’re definitely familiar with her beautiful voice. She’s the host on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Everyone who’s heard of her is interested in learning more, so we’ve done some digging for you. Get all you need to know about her, right here in our Amy Lawrence wiki! 

Everyone associates Amy Lawrence with sports but nobody seems to know anything else about her. We’ve done our research and found some interesting details about her life. She’s known for the passion she brings to her late-night audiences but what else do we know about Amy Lawrence as a person? Read on to find out!


Born on April 7, 1973, Amy Lawrence’s age is 44. She was born in New Hampshire, where she grew up with her brother. She completed her undergraduate studies at Messiah College and went on to pursue her masters at Syracuse University. Not much is known about her personal life or Amy Lawrence’s husband. Her relationship status is not disclosed.

After Hours with Amy Lawrence

As we all know, she works with CBS Sports Radio and hosts a show called After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Before this, she worked for ESPN Radio. In 2015, Talkers Magazine included her on the list of sports talk radio’s 100 most important hosts. She also runs a blog of her own called Play by Play Day by Day with Amy Lawrence.

Amy Lawrence on Social Media

While nothing is known about Amy Lawrence’s Instagram account, she’s quite active on Twitter and tweets almost regularly about her life and work.

Amy Lawrence’s sports blog gives a clear indication of her passion for her work. On her blog she said, “I’ve always loved working nights and weekends because mine is the job to share and analyze events and stories as they break. I enjoy the immediacy of the information and I’ve spent years honing the ability to react in the moment.” Well, she clearly loves her work and we’ve all seen that she’s great at it. You, go girl!