Brace yourself, people, because Yeezy model Amina Blue is about to knock your socks off! The 5’1″ beauty is currently one of the biggest models for Kanye West’s brand and she’s certainly caught the eye of many with her exotic features. Our list of Amina Blue’s hot pics is going to leave you thirsty for a tall glass of water! Oops, did we say tall?

Amina Blue’s blue eyes and curvy body make up her distinctive looks, all thanks to her parents who are Pakistani and German. Blue is not really her surname, and she’s playing it coy by keeping her real name a big secret!

This babe just schooled every impossible fashion standard follower and how! And if you head over to Amina Blue’s Instagram account, you’ll see what we mean!

The fashion industry is not kind to major models who struggle with height and weight. And Amina Blue broke all codes by showing everyone that beauty doesn’t have to come in skinny and leggy packages.

This Brooklyn gal is often #NSFW, and we have got our hands on some of Amina Blue’s hottest pics! Ogle on, peeps.

She’s a Go-Getter

Amina Blue Hot Pics

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Platinum Tresses on Point

Amina Blue Sexy Pics

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From modeling for Yeezy since his Season 1 line to being featured in CR Fashion Book magazine, Amina Blue has come a long way. And she’s only 24!

Blue oozes that young and cool millennial vibe, which is perfect for promoting clothing that sells like hotcakes today. Not just Yeezy’s, but brands like Marc Jacobs, too.

Ain’t No Black Widow

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Denim Diva

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Channeling her inner Khaleesi-Kardashian ardor, Blue is always keeping up with the cool! When you are Kanye West’s muse, you’re a hit fo’ shizzle!

Amina Blue is a hardcore vegan, and she is 100% against animal cruelty. She doesn’t eat meat or wear fur, and she definitely can’t handle animals getting tortured.

Blue Basking in Blue Waters

Amina Blue Pictures

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Leaving Little to the Imagination

Hottest Amina Blue Pictures

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Blue is closer to her mother and her maternal relatives, compared to her father. He is a devout Muslim and reportedly doesn’t approve of her career as a model.

The model’s tattoos are also a big no-no for Blue’s father! If you haven’t noticed, she absolutely covered in them! (Another model “norma” she strays away from! Go, girl!)

Bold, Blonde, Beautiful

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Silver Sinner

Amina Blue Bikini Pics

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Amina Blue lives in Brooklyn, New York, and has four fur babies to keep her company. Did you know that Blue’s pit bulls get irritable about men? She’s got some serious protection there!

The Yeezy model revealed that her dogs are relaxed around women as compared to the opposite sex.

Pout-er Perfect!

Bikini Amina Blue Pics

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Yeezy-Chic Style

Amina Blue Photo

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With Yeezy Season 6 already kicked off (and you know it with all those Kim K. lookalikes you’ve been seeing on Instagram), Amina Blue is rocking the modeling world!

Stay with us for more on this pint-sized model who packs a punch!

The Amina Effect!

Amina Blue Sexy Photo

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Velvet Vixen

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