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Last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent was a happy one, as well as disappointing one. The America’s Got Talent live results 1 are already out and if you are wondering who made it through, you’ll just have to keep reading!

If you missed last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent 2016, then you also missed the America’s Got Talent results. But don’t worry! We are giving you a heads-up that this article has America’s Got Talent spoilers. If you missed the show and you don’t wish to know the America’s Got Talent live results 1, then we suggest you stop reading.

The season finale of America’s Got Talent is closer than ever with only a few contestants left. A few more of them were voted out and we cannot wait to find out who will be the winner of season 11 of America’s Got Talent. As we saw in the last episode of America’s Got Talent, everybody was praying for their favorite contestants to be safe. Talented individuals performed many brilliant acts, however, only one person can win the show, and you’ve got to be wondering; did Tape Face make it through?

America’s Got Talent Live Results 1

It was the first live show of the season, wherein twelve acts were performed in total. Seven acts were voted by the citizens of American, while five acts (which failed to impress the judges, as well as the viewers) were eliminated. After two more rounds of the live shows, there will be a list of the top 21 acts, which will go till semi-finals. Many of the viewers are vouching for Tape Face. Let’s find out who made it through on tonight’s live results.

  • Musicality

Viewers were impressed by this group’s performance, so it’s no wonder they got through the semi-finals over 90-year-old burlesque dancer, Dorothy Williams. They are an inner city school vocal group, and they are representing Chicago.

  • Jayna Brown

The teen singer from Baltimore was shortlisted for the semi-finals by receiving one of the few “Golden Tickets.” And it’s no wonder with a voice like hers! Brown and her mother have been through many struggles and currently do not own a home of their own. Jayna is grateful to the judges, and of course, the viewers to be a part of this AGT journey.

  • Laura Bretan

This girl enthralled the judges and viewers with her highly skilled vocal ability. She is a talented Opera singer and Simon Cowell’s advice to this beautiful girl was to stay true to herself. Although she went head to head with Jayna, both of them made it through.

  • Lori Mae Hernandez

Everyone loves comedy! And who said that kids are incapable of tickling that funny bone? This 13-year-old has enchanted viewers, as well as the judges with her talented comedic performances. She even made jokes about Trump, so who wouldn’t want her to compete in the semi-finals?

  • Tape Face

Although Judge Mel B was not impressed with his performance last week, Tape Face made it through! Hopefully, he brings a strong game to the stage during the semi-finals. He’s going to need it as he’s up against some serious competition!

Other contestants shortlisted for the semi-finals are Jon Dorenbos and Deadly Games. Keep watching America’s Got Talent to find out who will be the winner of season 11.