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What does it take to qualify a course on American Ninja Warrior? It’s not just about being a fit person with an athletic body. Being really focused and going that extra distance is just a part of what it takes to be on American Ninja Warrior. Looking at the amazing performances of American Ninja Warrior season 8 contestants, it is sure to say that this season is going to make history. There’s nothing more engaging than watching some amazing action sequences pulled off by the American Ninja Warrior season 8 competitors. As they all have a common target of beating the rest, it is time for us to see who all are competing the city course for American Ninja Warrior, Oklahoma City.

Every city has a tough course of hardcore physical stunts, and only a handful can make it through. After American Ninja Warrior season 8 premiered on June 1, every week has been a thrilling one. Monday nights have been filled with action brought to us by the American Ninja Warrior season 8 contestants. As these “super” humans take up the task of completing the obstacle course of American Ninja Warrior 2016, there’s no short supply of the amount of true grit portrayed by them.

Once we tune in to watching a American Ninja Warrior episode, we get engrossed in the surprising survivals of the contestants. Whether they will make it through the course is what keeps us on the edge of our seats. And, even though they pass every obstacle, there’s always that inevitable restraint of time that decides the fate of every American Ninja Warrior competitors.

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American Ninja Warrior Oklahoma City

Making it in the nick of time has been a real challenge for the American Ninja Warrior, Oklahoma City contestants. It has been three weeks since the season has begun, and we’ve watched the city course qualifiers for Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Indianapolis. On June 20 (today), fans of NBC’s one-of-a-kind obstacle reality show will be pleased to meet some more people, who will be titled the American Ninja Warrior Oklahoma City competitors.

Some of the competitors scheduled for the Oklahoma City city course of American Ninja Warrior 2016 include Kacy Catanzaro, Tremayne Dortch, Brent Steffensen, Daniel Gil, and Lance Pekus. Standing out from the rest is Kacy Catanzaro, an award-winning gymnast and professional obstacle course athlete from San Antonio, Texas, who has set her eyes on being the first female champion of American Ninja Warrior. Being the winner of American Ninja Warrior 2016 is the only thing on Kacy’s mind, but it is so for the other contestants.

Find out who qualifies for being the American Ninja Warrior Oklahoma City competitors in tonight’s episode. Watch American Ninja Warrior season 8 tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC. Before that, watch the promo video of American Ninja Warrior, Oklahoma City city course below.

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