Gabby and Cade spark dating rumors. Credits: ABC/Eric McCandless.

American Idol on ABC is getting better by the week! While all Idol heads are enjoying the revival of the once-fatigued TV show, many fans are now curious if the two front-runners, Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett, are dating! On last night’s episode, there were a lot of blushed cheeks and flushed looks in the air, which has only seemed to have broken Katy Perry’s heart into a thousand pieces! 

Cade Foehner, the rock god of Gen Z, now probably holds the record for “most broken hearts,” after he looked like he was going to pass out from blushing! The current heartthrob among Idol lovers in America was asked if his “Kiss the Girl” performance last night was dedicated to someone, and he “possibly” agreed! Is the girl who stole his heart indeed fellow contestant Gabby Barrett?

Is an American Idol Romance in the Air? 

We all watched season 4 of the franchise where Carrie Underwood took the trophy home. And we also know that Bo Bice was close to winning it after the two head-butted for the win throughout the season.

Well, 13 years later, it seems like the same situation has come up again—but with a twist!

It appears that either Cade Foehner or Gabby Barrett could be one of the potential winners of the show. But it seems like there’s a little head-over-heels situation happening between them!

Cade’s future as a musician is probably cemented already, regardless of the win.

The judges are thoroughly smitten by the 21-year-old (cough-Katy-Perry-cough). They have repeatedly told him that he has a very bright future ahead of him.

Speaking of bright futures, thousands feel the same way about Gabby Barrett!

The 17-year-old has been told that she can make it big, too. And by the looks of the current popularity, she just might start by winning American Idol season 16.

Now, going back to the love brewing between this Sonny and Cher of the current generation; Ryan Seacrest might be onto something!

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On last night’s episode, Cade Foehner sang “Kiss the Girl” for the Disney-themed night. And after a crowd-pleasing performance, the host who knew something came out to play!

Seacrest was convinced that Cade had someone in mind when he sang that song (with so much feeling). He caught him off-guard with his question about the puppy love.

The camera then cut to a Gabby, who was covering her face while standing backstage. And we could literally hear thousands of hearts break across the country!

Jokes aside, people really did see Katy Perry’s heart sink a little after she saw the way Cade reacted! He said that there’s a possibility that he did have someone in mind when he sang that song, but he didn’t mention who it was.

But secretly, we all knew who the song was meant for!

You can watch Cade’s performance and the reaction to the question below:

Are Cade and Gabby Together?

Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett fans probably had this one all worked out a while ago. But after last night, it’s come out in the open!

These two lovebirds have been hanging out a lot together backstage and have been drawing inspiration from one another. You can see it for yourself on their Instagram pages!

Cade posted some Instagram Stories, and the picture with Gabby in it says it all!

He and Gabby even did a cover of Jessie J’s “Price Tag,” with Cade on the guitar and Gabby on vocals. And the comfort level they share with each other will surely have people telling stories!

While the whole thing could turn out be nothing but rumors, it doesn’t seem so at the very moment!

Why would Cade walk off the stage with nothing more than a smile on his beet-red face? And why would Gabby cover her face?

After Katy Perry went from Snow White to the Evil Queen once she got the whiff of the situation, fans are convinced that these two definitely have something going on!

And, we second that on every level!

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