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Few bands have been around for as long as The Masqueraders. They are making a comeback after almost 50 years thanks to America’s Got Talent 2017. Their performance during the audition rounds got them a standing ovation from the audience and a resounding “yes” from each of the four judges.

It’s never easy making a comeback, but doing it almost 50 years later is unheard of. That’s exactly what The Masqueraders band has done on America’s Got Talent 2017. The Masqueraders are probably among the oldest contestants on America’s Got Talent this year and boy are they smashing it! Though they had a hit way back in the 1960s, The Masqueraders are taking one more chance at having their music heard by participating in this year’s competition. They won everybody’s heart by singing beautifully at their audition and had the judges and entire audience rooting for them. People are impressed by The Masqueraders’ AGT performance and want to know more about them. Here are some details about The Masqueraders group right here.

They Never Stopped Singing

The Masqueraders first got together in 1958 in Dallas, Texas, and their original lineup was made of five members. Back then, they were called The Stairs, and they recorded singles like “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man,” “Caveman Love,” and “Flossie May” before some members left the group. Over the years they have had several line-up changes and are now a trio. They have had a few minor hits like “The Family,” “I’m Gonna Make It,” “Be Happy For Me,” “I Got the Power,” I Don’t Want Nobody to Lead Me On,” and “How Big is Big.” However, their biggest claim to fame was the single “I Ain’t Got to Love Nobody Else” which reached number 57 on the Billboard Top 100 chart almost 50 years ago. Wow, talk about longevity! Though they continued to release albums in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s they never really made it big. Now, in 2017, they are attempting one of the bravest comebacks of all times.

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A Brilliant Performance

Their first stint in the music industry was cut short due to racial tensions with their label. When judge Simon Cowell asked The Masqueraders why they were back, they replied: “Because we never stopped dreaming.” Their honest and poignant reply got a thunderous applause from the audience and a smile from the judges. Then the group proceeded to sing a soulful rendition of the Sam Cooke classic “A Change is Gonna Come.” The harmony was perfect, the song breathed optimism, and they handled the highs and lows of the song with expertise. At the end of their performance, the entire audience gave them a standing ovation, and the judges broke into smiles. All four judges gave a resounding “yes” to The Masqueraders’ fantastic performance.

Long Shot at Success

Though the three members of The Masqueraders are well into their 60s, they have the attitude and optimism of a young teenage band. When most people their age are calling it a day and stepping back, The Masqueraders are stepping into the limelight, ready to have one more shot at success. The Masqueraders may have been down for a long time, but they were never out!

Check out The Masqueraders’ AGT audition performance below.