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Amber Wheeler has been responsible for the weather coverage in North Dakota for over a decade. But now, the experienced meteorologist announced she is moving on to the next step of her career. Amber Wheeler is leaving KXMB-TV in February 2023. KX News viewers want to know where she is going next and if she will continue in broadcasting. They especially want to know if she will remain in Bismarck. Find out what Amber Wheeler said about her departure from KXMB here.

Amber Wheeler’s Education and Career

North Carolina native Amber Wheeler has been fascinated with weather and its power since her experiences with tornadoes in her childhood. In 1996, she also witnessed the destruction of Hurricane Fran.

Wheeler has a degree in media studies, news, and documentary from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She later studied broadcast meteorology at Mississippi State University.

Her broadcasting career began in 2006 when she was a multimedia journalist and newscast director at WFMY News 2 in Greensboro. From there, she relocated to North Dakota and joined KXMB-TV.

Amber Wheeler to Leave KXMB News

Wheeler has been part of the team at KX News in Bismarck since 2012. The AP Award-winning meteorologist did the weathercasts for Good Day Dakota and the night-time newscasts, including the KS News online website and app.

But now, Amber Wheeler is leaving KXMB and saying goodbye to the KX News family. Her last day on the air is Thursday, February 16.

On February 9, 2023, Wheeler announced on social media that she and her husband were packing for the big move to Louisiana. After leaving North Dakota, the couple is heading to New Orleans.

Although she has accepted a position at a New Orleans news station, Wheeler hasn’t revealed where it is and when she will start there.

Meanwhile, WVUE FOX 8 meteorologist Zack Fradella has already welcomed Wheeler to the news team through a Facebook post. So, she might join WVUE-TV next but keep your eyes peeled on her social media for confirmation.

Wheeler’s husband is a native of North Dakota, and she said that they’d return for visits whenever they can. Maybe her viewers from KX News could run into her then.

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In the meantime, North Dakota residents still have a few more days with Amber Wheeler on KX News before she signs off. But locals can also stay connected with her on her official social media.

Update: Amber Wheeler has been doing the weekend evening forecasts at WVUE Fox 8 in Cincinnati since March 2023.