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It’s quite tough to blend beauty and brains and come up with a successful venture that becomes a top-seller within hours. And, no matter how odd it may sound, Amber Rose is the Hollywood starlet to have come up with it. The 32-year-old model released her own emoji app called “MuvaMoji,” and it has topped the charts on the iTunes app store, just within twelve hours.

Amber Rose’s MuvaMoji tops the iTunes chart of top-selling paid apps of this week. While some tech experts are surprised, it’s not a shocker that MuvaMoji is turning out to be a top seller app considering the millions of Amber Rose fans (who are called “Rosebuds.”) Seems like almost every Rosebud has bought the MuvaMoji app, which has been available on iTunes since yesterday.

Amber Rose Emoji

Credits: Instagram/amberrose

Because it hasn’t even been 24 hours since Amber Rose’s MuvaMoji was launched, you can’t say it’s taken a “day” for the app to become a top seller. In just the 12 hours since its release, MuvaMojis has grabbed the number one spot on the iTunes charts for being the most-downloaded paid app. That’s definitely something for a startup, and Amber Rose is surely happily taking the credit.

The application provides a wide range of emoticons or emojis that are frequently used by people for chatting and texting on their smartphones. What makes MuvaMojis different from the “smileys” or any other preset emoticons is that Amber Rose’s animated face will be the essential emoji. So, when you download MuvaMoji and want to send someone flying kisses by texting emojis, you’ll get to see Amber Rose doing it.


Credits: Instagram/amberrose

Is Muvamoji a Copy of Kimoji?

Another addition to regular emojis in MuvaMojis is that Amber has also used some of her other body parts and turned them into a rather sexy range of emojis. And, that’s what making MuvaMoji controversial.

Looking at the style and range of emojis present in MuvaMoji, Amber Rose is being accused of copying Kim Kardashian’s emoji app. Amber Rose’s Muvamoji is looking quite similar to Kim Kardashian’s own emoji app called “Kimoji.” While Amber and Kim are known as popular BFFs of Hollywood, we wonder if Amber got the idea for this app after looking at the success of Kimojis, which was released last month. As yet, Kim and Amber haven’t commented on this and also haven’t dodged the rumors of their fighting on grounds of plagiarism.

Amba Rose and Kim Kardashian

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Knowing how close Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian are, they might not pay attention to these accusations. So, stepping off from that, Amber Rose must definitely celebrate the reception to her MuvaMoji app and thank all her Rosebuds for topping its downloads on the iTunes app store. Check out what Amber Rose has to say about her MuvaMoji.

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