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Many women are probably pretty upset to find out that British-born actor, Daniel Kaluuya is officially off the market! Although not much is known about Daniel Kaluuya’s girlfriend, Amandla, it’s pretty obvious that the pair is very much in love! They were spotted together at the 2018 Golden Globes and reportedly didn’t leave each other’s sides even for a second! For a complete picture of everything we know about their budding relationship, keep reading our Amandla wiki.

Stop the presses because it appears that 28-year-old British actor, Daniel Kaluuya has a girlfriend—and she’s absolutely stunning! What we know is that her name is Amandla (no sign of a last name). The couple has been seen together at several major Hollywood events canoodling and cozying up to a few of their famous friends. Our Amandla wiki gives away all of the juicy details!

Recently, they attended the Focus Feature 2018 Golden Globes after-party, where they were seen chatting and knocking back a few cocktails with the likes of critically acclaimed actress Viola Davis, actor/writer/director Jordan Peele, and even famous rapper/actor Ludacris—just to name a few!

Who Is Amandla?

In light of the fact that Daniel Kaluuya’s real-life leading lady isn’t in the spotlight as much as other celebrity’s better halves are, people are extremely curious to learn as much about her as possible, just because of who she’s dating. Unfortunately, with the relationship being so new and Amandla not being a public figure, information on her is very scarce. She doesn’t seem to have an Instagram account and Daniel himself has yet to post even one photo on his account!

But there seems to be a few photos of them together that were snapped at the awards show and if the pics of the two of them together is any indication, the two look very much smitten with each other! Amandla could be the one to win Kaluuya’s heart—and at that point more details surrounding her personal life and who she is as a person may become available. For now, fans might have to keep trying to Internet stalk this chick in hopes of learning even the smallest detail about her very private life.

But, here’s what we do know about the man on her arm:

Before starring in the critically acclaimed horror film Get Out (which is a social commentary on the horrendous current state of race relations in the United States), Daniel Kaluuya was already an accomplished theatrical and television actor in his own right.

He wrote his first play at the age of nine and saw it performed at the renowned Hampstead Theatre in London, England, which is also where Kaluuya was born.

Winner of Awards & Accolades

Over the years, he’s accumulated a number of prestigious acting awards and nominations both for his stage and film work, including a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for his groundbreaking role in Get Out.

Most recently, Kaluuya appeared in the blockbuster smash hit movie, Black Panther, which is already breaking records at the box office, having earned well over $700.0 million worldwide.

A New Perspective

Marvel’s Black Panther has arguably been one of the most controversial superhero films ever released, but it’s not because of the typical inaccuracies, superhero rivalries, or universe crossovers that many have come to expect. In this case, the disagreements have risen from the fact that it’s the first superhero film that focuses exclusively on the origins of an African character. As such, it also features a mostly black cast.

At the world premiere of Black Panther, Daniel Kaluuya had some interesting insights about the message of the film, stating, “This is how it’s supposed to be. This is the actual world and this reflects the world and we just have to tell honest stories that reflect the world from all perspectives, not just one.”

A Colorful New World

He’s absolutely right! Representation of all races and cultures in the arts is undeniably essential, and Hollywood has a lot of catching up to do in that regard. For far too long, movies and television shows have been completely whitewashed, which effectively limits the number of roles that are available to performers of colour.

Films like Black Panther and Get Out that focus on the captivating and more realistic representations of the diversity that exists in the world are an excellent way of leveling the playing field.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the premiere of Black Panther was a star-studded event, but surprisingly, it seems like Daniel may have gone solo to this particular affair as there don’t seem to be any pics of him and Amandla there together.