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Amanda Stanton is all set to return to Bachelor in Paradise for season 4, and things will definitely get intense this season. She seemed to find love on the show last season when Josh Murray won her heart, but their relationship did not last. After all the drama, Amanda Stanton is back on Bachelor in Paradise to find love once again.

Amanda Stanton is a single mother of two and ready to find love on Bachelor in Paradise once again! She was on the show last season and was lucky to find love in Josh Murray. However, things quickly dwindled and the couple announced their split in early 2017. So what are Amanda’s plans this time? Will she find someone new, or is the third time not the charm for her? Before the show starts, get to know details from Amanda Stanton’s wiki right here.

What’s Amanda Doing Now?

Amanda Stanton was born on April 9, 1990, making her age 27. She is a mother of two, and went through a lot lately with regards to mom shaming. The current season of BiP has already seen so much drama —and it has not even aired yet! Fans have commented that Amanda is ignoring her children by appearing on so many reality TV shows. She took to Instagram Stories to tell haters that her kids have a father who is very much a part in their lives. Amanda also added that the show doesn’t take as long to film as it seems on TV. People don’t care if she is trying to live a fulfilling life as a single mother; the moment a picture of her is posted without her kids, the mommy shaming starts. Amanda put the whole thing to rest and said, “I understand that most parents don’t go on reality TV shows, but everyone’s lives are different. My kids are my entire world. I am doing my best to give them a great life.”

sometimes the best days are spent at home binge watching movies in onesie pajamas.

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Amanda’s Rift with Her Ex-husband

Amanda Stanton was married to Nick Buonfiglio before she appeared on The Bachelor. They were married  from 2012 to 2015, during which they had two daughters, Charlie and Kinsley. But the couple’s relationship was a bust and they filed for divorce. Though she did not have much luck the first time around, she found luck with Josh Murray last season on BiP. But when the couple returned, there was a custody notice waiting for them. Nick claimed that he wanted to spend more time with his daughters, and won the battle. Amanda was reportedly receiving $2,000 per month for child support, which was lowered to $530 after the case. But the TV star earns a good amount of money herself, and is still able to live comfortably. 

they’re so much cooler than I’ll ever be.

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What Happened to Amanda and Josh?

Josh Murray won The Bachelorette season 10, and was engaged to Andi Dorfman. After the couple split up, Josh was seen on Bachelor in Paradise season 3. Similarly, Amanda Stanton was a contestant on The Bachelor but was rejected by Ben Higgins, prompting her to join the Bachelor in Paradise season 3 cast. Josh and Amanda ended the season engaged, with Amanda sporting a gorgeous Neil Lane ring, and Josh promising to love her children and her.

After posting some very loving pictures of their blended family on social media, and being together for a few months, the couple parted ways. As if the things were not already bad, matters worsened when Amanda accused Josh of not being genuine. It was not a quiet affair either, as Josh threatened to sue Amanda if she kept spreading rumors about him. She claimed to know something was not right while they were together, and she said it made everything worse for her daughters.

There was a brief period of time where it looked like they would rekindle their love, but that was before it was announced that Amanda would be in the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise. Josh and Amanda are reportedly still on bad terms, but he spoke out about her return to BiP, saying he wishes her luck. 

99% of our family photos.

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What Is Amanda Stanton’s Net Worth?

According to the Daily Mail, Amanda claimed that she was earning $13,000 a month, as her fashion blog was doing well. She also made money through endorsements, and her appearances on reality TV. Amanda is ready to find love, again, on Bachelor in Paradise season 4, with people speculating that she will hit it off with Robbie Hayes. Well, we are excited for the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, and can’t wait to see what happens on the beautiful shores of Mexico.

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